What is Pest Free Auckland?

Publish Date : 12 Apr 2023
23 PRO 1005 Save Our Backyard Birdsong

Pest animals and plants are a problem in Auckland. Our native birds’ eggs and chicks are defenceless against pest animals such as rats and possums, and so too are our native plants.

Pest plants smother and strangle our native plants so there’s less food for our native birds, lizards, and insects. By getting rid of them, we will create a safer environment and help bring the beautiful birdsong back into our yards.

The Pest-free Auckland initiative is Auckland Council’s commitment to protect biodiversity and restore council-managed land, as well as support landowners and groups on private land. The initiative encourages working together across the landscape and seeks to:

  • Inspire and motivate Aucklanders to play their part in controlling pests and planting natives
  • Enable mana whenua, Local Boards, schools, community groups, local businesses, and the private sector to be involved
  • Support community pest animal/plant control and planting activity, alongside council activities
  • Help connect similar initiatives within neighbourhoods
  • Improve the connection of ecosystems enabling the return and reintroduction of native species
  • Tell stories showcasing community action and celebrate success.

The Natural Environment Targeted rate (NETR) provides resourcing to community projects by engaging, involving, and enabling communities to lead, or participate in, restoration activities.

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