Howick Local Board celebrates its volunteer heroes

Last Updated : 29 May 2023
How Volunteer Awards 2021

Howick Local Board is thrilled to celebrate its volunteers with a recognition ceremony in June.

The ceremony is held every two years with the awards based on community nominations to celebrate the work volunteers do, and the contribution they make.

Nominations are open from 11 May closing 1 June followed by the ceremony on June 27, at the Uxbridge Centre in Mellons Bay.

“The efforts of volunteers are at the heart of many successful activities that make our community a great place. To acknowledge these wonderful volunteers, we are inviting them to sit back and relax and join us for a light supper and entertainment”, says Howick Local Board chair Damian Light.

An invite-only event, community organisations are encouraged to nominate up to three of their finest volunteers whose contributions have not yet been recognised with the board, by providing their details and information in the nomination form found here.

Damian adds, “Our volunteers are the ones who find the time to help and generously give up their time to willingly serve our community and we need local heroes who have yet to have the opportunity to honoured by the board, their fellow volunteers, and the public. To ensure the event runs smoothly, all nominations are completed online”.

​Eligibility criteria for Howick Volunteers Recognition 2023

  • Nominees can live within the Howick Local Board area and contribute to developing the local community.
  • Volunteers from outside the board area must support initiatives that benefit communities within the board area.
  • The awards recognise contributions by individuals and groups continuously working for three years from June 2021 until May 2023.
  • A maximum of three volunteers per organisation can be awarded.
  • Individuals or groups being nominated have not been awarded in the previous edition of the Howick Local Board Volunteers Awards held in 2021.

The Howick Local Board thanks all volunteers – ‘We couldn’t do without you!’

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