Introducing Wellsford Centennial Park Masterplan

Publish Date : 16 Jun 2023
Centennial Park

A masterplan that guides the development of Wellford’s Centennial Park has been adopted by Rodney Local Board.

Board chair Brent Bailey says the masterplan reflects the input received during the extensive consultation with stakeholders, mana whenua and the community.

“The park is a cherished part of Wellsford life that provides much of the community’s formal sports and recreation, but many of the assets belong to clubs and are in varying condition.

“Locals gave feedback last year during two rounds of public consultation about how to transform the park into a key community sports and recreation hub.

“They want a welcoming space for local families with good sport and recreation facilities.”

The masterplan lists what might be achieved in the short-term – one to five years, and what might be better accomplished over a longer timeline – five to 10 years.

Short-term improvements include increasing safety with designated car parks for older people, bus parking, te reo Māori signage throughout the park to assist with wayfinding, investigating a new playground location and constructing six multi-use outdoor courts with lighting.

Longer-term projects include developing an indoor multi-use facility, completing the perimeter pathway, developing a passive and social space within the park, and investigating upgrades to the dog park.

Wellsford board representative Colin Smith is pleased that 60 residents gave feedback as they know better than anyone the facilities that will meet their needs and that of the area’s growing population.

“The community is very clear about the top three priorities which are to co-locate netball and tennis to well-lit outdoor courts, better safety and accessibility around the park which includes lighting and a new community building with shared facilities for sports codes.

“Along with the community building, two new projects are cover for one of the multi-use courts and shelter next to the courts.

“It’s a tremendous area that despite all the sport based there is also a tranquil space. So, it’s been critical to get a plan in place that ensures it continues to be at the heart of community life.”

Bailey says the adoption of the masterplan is the first step as it describes the vision for the park and sets out what is needed to upgrade it. He says implementing any plan is always subject to finances but about $2 million has been allocated to renew council-owned assets in the park over the next five years. While the local board hasn’t got funding allocated for the new assets listed in the masterplan, some of these projects can be community-led and externally funded.

For all the key moves proposed in the Wellsford Centennial Park Masterplan, visit

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