Time running out to renew dog registration

Publish Date : 25 Jul 2023
Dog rego renewal reminder

A call out to dog owners, from Auckland Council!

If you own a dog, it needs to be registered by 1 August.

Dog owners are legally required to register their dogs and renew registrations each year.

If you don't register your dog or renew its registration, you will be risking a $300 fine and potential impounding of your dog.

Auckland Council’s Animal Management Manager Elly Waitoa says most dog owners in Auckland are responsible and register their dogs.

“But time is running out so please remember to register your dog. We’ve made it as simple as we can; you can easily renew your dog registration online or you can walk into one of our service centres.

“Dog registration is a user-pays service and fees paid help cover the cost of keeping Aucklanders safe from dog-related nuisance and harm. Every dog owner who doesn’t pay their share is leaving it to others to pay for their dogs,” she says.

With a known dog population of 130,213 across the region, just 63 percent have been registered to date, that’s 81,977. South Auckland lags in the registration stakes with just 57 per cent of dogs registered.

Of those that have been registered, 75,658 or 92.3 percent have been registered online.

“This number is a little bit behind registrations for the same time last year and that’s disappointing.

“There are always those who chose not to meet their responsibilities, and we would appeal to those owners to do the right thing and register.” says Elly.

Fees contribute to vital areas of animal management, including a 24-hour a day response to dog incidents like attacks on children; beach and park patrols; animal shelters and adoptions; educating children about dog safety; and reuniting lost dogs with owners. 

Last year Animal Management responded to more than 35,000 complaints from the public and our shelters provided temporary housing for more than 6,500 impounded dogs, of which 71 per cent were unregistered.

“We need dog owners to be more responsible and to ensure their dogs are registered, microchipped, controlled, and are not left to freely roam, as this is when problems occur,” says Elly.

What to do if you've lost your dog registration paperwork

Call Auckland Council on 09 301 0101 and we'll send you a copy of the renewal notice by email or regular mail.

The renewal reference number can be provided over the phone.

Please note we will ask you a few questions to confirm you are the registered dog owner.

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