Maungakiekie-Tāmaki keen to collaborate with compassionate communities

Publish Date : 04 Jul 2023
Honohono Tatou Katoa

A project to help people navigate through the end-of-life journey has struck a chord with Maungakiekie-Tāmaki Local Board.

Creating compassionate communities, Honohono Tātou Katoa is an initiative endorsed by Mercy Hospice, designed to improve access to and enhance palliative care experiences for everyone.

Board chair Maria Meredith will champion the project and is keen to support wherever possible.

“We’re connected to organisations that would benefit, and others with aligned interests. It’s vital our community can prepare for death, particularly those with long-term health issues.

“The more diverse our people are, the richer our knowledge and experiences are in terms of supporting each other.”

It is a personal issue for Chair Meredith, who recently lost loved ones “I’m aware how pivotal end-of-life care is, particularly for vulnerable members of our community, and I’d encourage those who want to be involved with compassionate communities or learn more, to get in touch with the Honohono Tātou Katoa team”.

Honohono Tātou Katoa’s project manager and community liaison, Maria Mariotti says many people experience loved ones suffering long-term or terminal illness.

“Patients can be referred to palliative care for end-of-life support that can include physical, emotional and spiritual help not only for them, but for their families too.

“But palliative care isn’t accessible for everyone.”

Mariotti says addressing this starts with building the local area’s community-wide palliative care capacity – something the board wants to investigate.

The Honohono Tātou Katoa team and the board are continuing to meet to identify ways of collaborating.

Compassionate communities seek to enable people to be supported anywhere at any time, rather than depending on the health system, and are made up of a network of groups committed to helping in times of serious illness, caring during it, death and grief.

Honohono Tātou Katoa objectives include improving understanding of palliative care, and addressing the stigma surrounding death by establishing connections through workplaces, churches, libraries, marae, kura, community organisations and civic institutions.

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