Work programme delivers on projects the public has supported during consultations

Publish Date : 27 Jul 2023
MLB Work Cricket
Money for improving War Memorial Park cricket wickets didn't just happen, Manurewa Local Board chair Glenn Murphy says. The process began when people advocated for it during consultations like the one now open on the Local Board Plan.

Manurewa Local Board has approved its 2023/24 Customer and Community Services work programme and budget.


The programme is easily the most complex of the board’s different work programmes, dealing with a wide range of services and departments.

Board chair Glenn Murphy says the programme supports the outcomes laid out in the 2020 Manurewa Local Board Plan 2020, detailing the activities to be delivered by Customer and Community Services departments, including several projects under the Parks and Community Facilities Department.

“The work programme aligns to 2020 Local Board Plan outcomes that include inclusive, vibrant, healthy and connected communities, having quality community spaces, a prosperous local economy and a natural environment that’s valued and protected.

“Delivery commenced in July, and in some cases, carries on work from previous financial years.”

Highlights of the programme include $200,000 each for open space equipment and sports asset renewals, $165,000 for park structure renewals, $315,000 to renew the Manurewa War Memorial Park cricket wicket, and $50,000 each for three upgrade projects, Rowandale Reserve, Tairanga / Tington Park play-space, and at Weymouth Community Hall.

Murphy says the provisions have been made for the impacts of storm recovery, but consideration needs to be given to long-term flood impacts.

“People know budgets have been hit and understand we have less to go around,” Murphy says.

“Our work programmes are shaped by what residents tell us during consultations. When we know lots of people support a particular area, such as the environment or having good facilities, that helps us to make decisions around allocating funding.

“That’s why it’s so critical people speak up right now with our draft Local Board Plan for the next three years open for submissions.

“There’s funding in our work programme for upgrades at Rowandale Reserve and Tairanga/ Tington Park. The decision to allocate that funding didn’t just happen, it started when people from those communities stepped up.

“If people have a passion for something, now is the perfect time to be talking about it.”

The draft plan is here. You can comment at the same site until 14 August.

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