The end and beginning of a jubilant era for Jubilee Bridge

Publish Date : 21 Jul 2023
Jubilee Concept Design July 2023
Impression of new Jubilee Bridge concept design

Jubilee Bridge is now closed as of Friday 21 July as work commences to replace the existing structure.

Built in 1984, the 60-metre pedestrian bridge crossing Panmure Basin from Lagoon Drive has safety issues, and repairs have been ruled out as an option.

Maungakiekie-Tāmaki Local Board Chair, Maria Meredith appreciates the need to close the bridge.

“While we know the bridge is a vital link within our community, public safety is paramount and unfortunately the bridge has reached its expiration date,” she says.

Auckland Council Area Operations Manager, Marcel Morgan says council has worked to keep the bridge open in recent years, but has now reached a point where safety is not guaranteed.

 “Over the last 10 years, efforts have been made to prolong the life of the bridge, including strengthening work, maintenance, and more frequent inspections,” he explains.

“However, recent findings indicate we can no longer ensure its structural integrity, and repairing the structure is not a cost-effective option.

“Reparation work would not ensure longevity for this bridge. It has many limiting aspects due to the construction materials, type of geology around the structure and given it is within a significant ecological area, repairs would require resource consenting, something the new bridge concept already has.”

Funding for a replacement bridge was agreed to in Auckland Council’s 10-year Budget 2021-2031 and a new three-metre wide steel arch bridge has already been designed and consented.

The intention is to have a contractor in place by the end of the year, which is when construction methodology and timelines will be agreed and work to remove the old bridge will start.

Construction of the new bridge is expected to be completed in 2025. More information about this project will be shared with the community through regular updates as details are confirmed.

Local board chair Meredith is grateful council staff have work on a replacement structure underway.

“Knowing how essential this bridge is to our community, they deserve something that is fit-for-purpose and the chance to celebrate a new milestone for Panmure,” she adds.

“Despite budget reductions, it is fortunate that we’ve planned and prioritised funding for this situation over recent years.”

The project has been scoped since 2015, as well as 10-year budget funding, contributions have been sought from Auckland Transport and Auckland Council’s public art funding.

While the bridge is closed, it is recommended locals plan ahead for an alternate commute around the basin.

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Map of Panmure Basin

Map of Panmure Basin

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