Local Board Plan priorities: tell us what you think Waiheke

Last Updated : 27 Jul 2023
Tell Us What You Think Waiheke! (1)

Waiheke Local Board’s draft plan is now open for consultation, and the board is calling on you to share your thoughts on its key priorities to make sure they’ve got it right.

Board Chair Cath Handley wants Waiheke Islanders to get involved in the consultation so they board knows they are making the right decisions for the future of the motu.

“The draft we’ve put together for you to look at brings together community contributions from early engagement, as well as those of board members and we’re really keen to receive your feedback, so we can weave your contributions into the final plan. It’s so important that we get this right so please take the time to let us know what you think.”

The board has five priorities that will help guide the decisions they make over the next three years: Our people, Our Environment, Our Facilities and Open Spaces, Our Places, Our Economy.

Take a look at the first two priorities and what they mean to you.

Priority 1: Our people

Working closely with local iwi and mātāwaka in its decision making, the board is committed to engaging with and supporting all the diverse elements of our community including older residents, youth, rainbow, and ethnic communities.

Isolated environments like Waiheke and Rakino need to be resilient and well-prepared, and the board will prioritise this with reviews of our emergency response plan in collaboration with Auckland Emergency Management and local community groups.

The board acknowledges that the arts are a crucial part of Waiheke’s identity and will continue to support events and facilities that make Waiheke a vibrant, creative place to live.

As part of the board’s commitment to a fair and equitable community, it will continue to advocate to central government and to the Governing Body for affordable, accessible and reliable ferry services.

Priority 2: Our environment

The protection of Waiheke’s unique coastal wetland, dune and forest environments is a priority for our community and the board.

Refreshing the 2018 Tīkapa Moana Hauraki Gulf Islands Waste Plan, implementing the Waiheke Ngahere Strategy to increase tree canopy cover, and continuing the work done towards the Waiheke Local Climate Action Plan: Waiheke ki uta, Waiheke ki tai, Waiheke ki tua are just some of the actions the board will take to ensure that the motu’s environment is protected for future generations.

To find out more about Waiheke Local Board’s priorities and give your feedback, go to akhaveyoursay.co.nz/localboardplans.

It will only take five minutes to make positive impacts on your community for the next three years.

It’s your place, your voice. Tell us what you think Waiheke!

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