Mayor Brown says Auckland should decide future of Regional Fuel Tax

Publish Date : 30 Aug 2023
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Auckland Mayor Wayne Brown says any decision about the future of the Regional Fuel Tax (RFT) needs to be made with Auckland Council.

Reacting to the National Party’s announcement that they will scrap the RFT if elected, the Mayor said he supported its removal, but only as part of a plan to replace the revenue with time of use charging.

“Auckland Council relies on the Regional Fuel Tax to deliver sensible transport improvements for Auckland, beyond road maintenance and operating public transport.
“We are using the funding for the Eastern Busway, as well as planned upgrades like Lake Road, Lincoln Road and Glendvar Road. These are at risk if the RFT is dropped without a replacement.
“It will mean more delays to sensible projects to optimise our road network and more potholes,” says Mayor Brown.

If the RFT is removed without replacement, it could leave close to a $2 billion gap in the council’s budget.

“It is time that both major parties learned that they need to work with Auckland on transport and stop dictating to us.

“I look forward to sitting down with the Government soon after the election so we can work on an Integrated Transport Plan for Auckland, which will include consideration of how transport projects in Auckland are funded,” says Mayor Brown.

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