Journey planner drives Puketāpapa toward change

Last Updated : 22 Sep 2023
Puketāpapa Personal Journey Planner (2)

Driving back and forth can be a major waste of time, money and a detriment to our planet, but Puketāpapa residents have embarked on a journey transforming commuting habits and significantly reducing their carbon footprint.  

The Personalised Journey Planner for Puketāpapa is a pilot that is part of a local board-funded programme informing and encouraging residents to commute in more environmentally friendly ways.

Using the planner over a period of six weeks, 84.5 per cent of 144 Mount Roskill residents took part in reducing their total car journeys.

Thirty-five per cent changed their mode of transport and reduced individual weekly car journeys by nearly 1600km, resulting in an estimated total reduction of 21,000 kg-CO2 kg a year.

Puketāpapa Local Board Chair Ella Kumar is pleased with the programme’s initial progress.

“Creating awareness and enabling residents to consider alternative travel options has already achieved value for investment. The results of this project is a good sign that the community is willing to try more climate-friendly options.
“We’re looking forward to seeing further progress in the second year of the programme as we are fully committed to supporting residents to reduce their footprint and give our environment a chance,” says Chair Kumar.

The aim was to reduce carbon emissions from residents’ transport habits through tailored recommendations to reduce single-occupancy vehicle use, while encouraging the uptake of public transport, carpooling, walking and cycling.

Customised plans for alternate transport modes were presented to households to trial over a six-week period. Recommendations included either public or active transport or, where distances were too large and no suitable service could be found, ‘Drivesmart’ suggestions to carpool or arrange more flexible working hours outside of peak-time congestion.

After six weeks from the initial door-step conversation, participants reported to be:

  • reduced individual car trips by 1620km

  • bus trips increased by 382km

  • Drivesmart – that is carpooling or driving outside of peak hours, accounted for the largest increase at 1034km

  • active travel increased by 111km per week.

With favourable options available to locals, such as carpooling, utilising Mt Roskill’s Bike Hub and the bike train, Puketāpapa is stepping in the right direction.

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