Grants aid Upper Harbour community projects

Publish Date : 31 Oct 2023
Grants open for Upper Harbour community
Last year the Herald Island Residents and Ratepayers received a grant for chairs for the new community space in the Fire Station building.

Community organisations in Upper Harbour received $50,360.24 from the local board grants programme in October.

In total, 15 organisations were awarded grants ranging from $300 to $10,810 for a wide range of projects and events.

Chair Anna Atkinson says grants are essential to the groups and organisations that are making such a positive difference in our community.

“Our community groups make a huge contribution to our area, and we are very grateful to them.
“We have tried to fund as many as possible while supporting projects that meet community needs and deliver on our local board priorities and outcomes.

“While the amounts granted may seem small, to the groups it can make a big difference.”

Local Grants recipients are:
• Re-Creators Charitable Trust, various costs to run community upcycling workshops, $2,000
• Herald Island Community Wharf Trust, insurance costs at Twin Wharf Road, $1,385
• Meadowood Community Centre, Christmas Celebration event, $1,500
• East Coast Bays Cricket, re-carpeting the cricket lane, $2,000
• Marist North Harbour Rugby Club, junior and community development programme costs, $1,500
• AFL New Zealand, venue hire for Youth Festival Day project, $2,500
• North Harbour Softball Association, artificial turf and installation costs,
• Camp Maynard, replacement of fire tank, $10,810
• Albany Chinese Association, venue hire, $2,800
• Upper Waitematā Ecology Network, Te Reo classes and Te Tiriti workshop, $4,587
• Sustainable Paremoremo Group, gardening equipment, $2,180
• Greenhithe Football Club Incorporated, coaching fees for girls development programme, $2,000
• North Shore Women's Centre, social worker wages, $4,313.64
• Road Safety Education Limited, various costs for Road Safety and Youth Development project for Rangitoto College, $1,000
• Action Education, spoken word poetry workshops at Hobsonville Point Secondary School, $2,000.

The board also approved four multi-board grants totalling $6,784.60. Multi-board grants are for projects or activities that are held, or have participants, in three or more local board areas.

Multi-board grants recipients are:
• North Shore Centres of Mutual Aid, operating expenses, $4,000
• English Language Partners, stationery costs for English lessons, $300
• North Harbour Community Patrol, community patrols' fuel and vehicle costs, $744.60
• Bellyful New Zealand, meal production and various volunteer costs, $1,740

Details of the local grants and multi-board grants round one for 2023/2024 are available here.

Next grants round

The next round for local and multi-board grants opens on 19 February 2024.

Grants support arts, community, environment, events, heritage, sports and recreation.

The Upper Harbour Local Board Community Grants Programme 2023/2024 has details of the grants programme including the board's priorities when considering grant applications.

Applicants complete an online application form at

Grant decisions will be made at the local board business meeting on 22 May 2024 and projects must start after 1 June 2024.

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