Helping hand for Manurewa young people

Publish Date : 12 Oct 2023
Manurewa Youth Council
Manurewa Youth Council members have again provided insight into the needs of young people in the area and those applying for the grants.

Eighteen young Manurewa residents have been awarded Rangatahi Youth Grants totalling $30,000.

Manurewa Local Board chair Glenn Murphy said rangatahi were awarded grants of up to $2,000, money most will use to continue their tertiary educations.

“Everyone is aware of the cost-of-living challenges, so any contribution we can make to take the pressure off our young people to allow them to pursue their dreams has to be welcome.

“Most of these young people asked for support around computers, course fees and stationery, but an increasing number sought our help to meet travel costs. It’s heart-wrenching to think young people might be missing out because they can’t get to university.”

Although most sought help with study costs, there was also a grant for the tools needed while undertaking an electrical apprenticeship, and a grant for travel to attend a language course in New Caledonia.

“We apply the scheme as widely as possible so our young people can seek support for leadership opportunities that might fall outside the standard study areas,” Murphy says.

“And we are happy to stand with rangatahi wanting to learn trades too. Their dreams are no less important.”

The awards were made with input from the Manurewa Youth Council.

The local board’s Andrew Lesa was a founding Youth Council member and says having young people involved in decision-making is critical.

“Who better to get advice from than other young people. They’re the ones who best understand the issues applicants face.

“It’s common to hear ‘young people are our future’, and it’s true, so it’s critical they know today’s leaders are prepared to support them as they acquire the skills they will need in those leadership roles.”
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