Grants make a difference in Henderson-Massey

Publish Date : 30 Nov 2023
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Chinese Food and Culture Festival 2023

Community groups have received funding support for their community work from the Henderson Massey Local Board through the board’s local, multi-board and quick response grants programme.

A total of 37 community groups were awarded $49,645 in the latest round of grant allocations. The funds go towards a variety of activities and projects – from protecting the environment to cultural activities, arts and sporting events. Almost all of the beneficiaries are from the Henderson Massey Local Board area.

Henderson-Massey Local Board chair Chris Carter says: “We consider supporting community initiatives by local groups and organisations to be a crucial part of our work as a local board.

 “Unfortunately the number of applications frequently exceeds existing budget allocations for the funds available. It can be quite challenging at times for the local board to decide who to provide assistance to when we receive so many worthwhile applications.”

The successful applicants represent a wide range of community groups and activities including cultural groups, sports clubs, support organisations and art groups.  

The next round of Henderson-Massey Local Grants is scheduled for the period between 5 February to 22 March 2024 and a further tranche opens up in April 2024.

Information on how to apply can be found here.

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