May Road School makes a splash for Te Auaunga Awa / Oakley Creek

Publish Date : 15 Nov 2023
May Road School Mural At Freeland Reserve
Mural illustrating the past, present and future of Te Auaunga Awa by May Road School students

A new mural was unveiled last week at Freeland Reserve to celebrate the vital work students have undertaken there to improve the reserve’s biodiversity, through Auckland Council’s Adopt-a-Park project and to engage with community.

May Road School’s work of art will be displayed on the reserve’s fence bordering the back of properties on Kallu Crescent, after Puketāpapa Local Board granted landowner approval.

May Road School mural unveiled at Freeland Reserve

May Road School's mural unveiled at Freeland Reserve

Puketāpapa Local Board Chair, Ella Kumar was delighted to hear about the school’s project and more than happy to sign off on the application.

“Congratulations to May Road School students on their amazing work. It’s a fantastic opportunity for students to learn about taking responsibility for their local park and to protect their environment.

“We are touched by this initiative and thankful for the school’s contributions to Freeland Reserve – it will make a real difference to the neighbourhood. The community is grateful for these efforts.”

The mural illustrates the past, present and future of Te Auaunga / Oakley Creek which crosses through Freeland Reserve. It also serves as a reminder to all friends, neighbours and park visitors that they are kaitiaki (guardians) of the reserve and therefore it is everyone’s responsibility to keep it clean.

May Road School gather for celebration at Freeland Reserve

May Road School celebrate at Freeland Reserve

Over the past eight months, May Road School students have conducted water quality and eDNA testing – identifying biodiversity genetics present in the awa, planted nearly 200 trees and organised monthly litter clean ups, including a whole school effort during Matariki.

Weekly barbeques are held by students to connect their community with its local open space and encourage more people to use the reserve, particularly via active modes of transport.

May Road School’s project was funded through a grant from the Mana Ora Students Decarbonising Schools programme led by Auckland Council’s Sustainable Schools team.

The Mana Ora programme focuses on students learning about the carbon cycle, taking climate action and improving wellbeing.

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