Unique Ōtara Christmas guaranteed

Publish Date : 13 Nov 2023
Otara Xmas
Expect the Christmas season to be celebrated to its fullest at the Ōtara town centre.

Santa says there’s no better spot for a spot of Christmas cheer than the Ōtara town centre.

The Ōtara Business Association has been granted funding to ensure Christmas fun hits town, organisers saying the event will be well-supported by the community and showcase the town centre as a vibrant and friendly place to do business.

In its application to the Ōtara-Papatoetoe Local Board, organisers say the town still attracts negative publicity that’s undeserved after so much association, board and community effort to make the area safe and family friendly.

Board deputy chair Dr Ofa Dews says the funding will guarantee a Christmas event she believes is unique to the city.

“Because of the strong Māori and Pasifika influences in our community, our Christmas is just that bit different to other areas.

“We hope people from outside the town will come and enjoy that, experience something a little different, and do a sport of shopping in a thriving retail area while they do.”

Dewes says Ōtara festivities are more than a promotion for the local business sector. “They bring people together. The participants come from the community, local artists are hired to provide entertainment, and there’s never a shortage of festive spirit.

“Many of the cultures within our community are connected through their churches, so the ability to get out and acknowledge the Christian significance of Christmas is important to our people.”

The Ōtara event also promotes Smokefree and zero waste messaging in the community, alongside health messaging – particularly around food choices and water as a better choice than soft-drinks.

“It doesn’t hurt to reinforce good choices,” Dewes says. “That said, I’m confident there might be the odd treat being given out.”

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