Chamberlain Park upgrade to tee up for future growth

Last Updated : 07 Dec 2023
Chamberlin Park 2
Chamberlain Park's upgrade will reduce safety risks and increase environmental benefits.

The provision of new greens to realign some of the holes at Chamberlain Park Golf Course has been given the go-ahead, with work due to start in early 2024.

The changes approved by Albert-Eden Local Board will address safety concerns about golf balls leaving the fairways and landing on the Northwestern Motorway, while also creating space for a new neighbourhood reserve to be developed on the western side of the course.

The safety aspect of the golf course realignment is a response to several incidents over recent years where golf balls have reportedly damaged vehicles on the Northwestern Motorway.

As a result of those concerns, three golf holes were closed in 2021, reducing the 18-hole course to 15.

Following analysis, potential solutions were investigated to minimise the risk of golf balls leaving the course and, as an interim measure, affected holes were relocated with temporary greens to restore the course to 18 holes.

With budget approved to upgrade Chamberlain Park, new permanent greens and reconfigured holes will improve safety by directing play away from the adjoining motorway boundary - while retaining the course's 18 holes.

The new neighbourhood reserve was agreed to by the local board in 2019 to help meet local growth needs and the work will also provide environmental benefits.

“Quality open space for everyone in our community is critical, particularly in our newer neighbourhoods where access to private open space is limited,” says local board chair Margi Watson.
“We want to future-proof the area so that it continues to be more attractive and liveable, where everyone can enjoy and share the social, physical and mental health benefits.”

To improve safety and create space for a new reserve beside Waitītikō/Meola Creek, the Chamberlain Park golf course upgrade will include:

  • realigning the golf course to construct new permanent greens for holes 5 and 12

  • reconfiguring hole 16

  • relocating holes 14 and 15.


In addition, plans to daylight Waitītkō/Meola Creek and the creation of a wetland will restore ecological values of the creek and help increase the area’s climate change resilience, with the likelihood of increased flooding and rain events.

The planned reserve will have a shared path to and from the area with connections from the Northwestern Cycleway through to Mt Albert, further reducing local emissions.

“This project has many positive aspects that align with the local board’s planned outcomes for the area over the next three years,” says chair Watson.

Auckland Council’s parks and community facilities staff will continue to work with key stakeholders to consider their needs in the upgrade plans. Temporary greens will still be accessible for golfers during construction.

A report about Chamberlain Park’s upgrade can be found here.

The board’s recently-adopted 2023 Local Board Plan can be viewed here.

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