Final property categorisation numbers for Muriwai

Last Updated : 01 Dec 2023

While we are still in the process of providing Muriwai property owners their final property categories, the numbers below show our progress to date. We would like to say a big “thank you” to homeowners who are still waiting for their final category – we really appreciate your patience while we complete your category decisions.

Please reach out to your Navigator or email if you have any social or wellbeing needs.

To learn more about property categories, visit the Auckland Council website.

Category decisions are informed by the government risk framework and the council’s overarching policy intent to support Aucklanders to voluntarily relocate from homes that pose an intolerable risk to their lives. 

Category   Number of households
1 These properties are considered low risk under the government risk framework 129
2P Property-specific changes (mitigations) are necessary to reduce risk to a tolerable level 10
2C We need to complete works (mitigations) in the community to reduce risk to a tolerable level 0
2A We need more information before deciding the final category 6
3 The property is not safe to live in because of the unacceptable risk of future floss of life 47
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