Gills track reopens after kauri upgrade

Publish Date : 18 Dec 2023
Gills track reopens after kauri upgrade

Upper Harbour residents have another scenic bush walk to explore this summer with the walking track at Gills Road Reserve reopening following upgrades to prevent kauri dieback.

The work took eight months to complete and includes track upgrades, new boardwalks, multiple stairs, and the installation of three new hygiene stations.

Upper Harbour Local Board chair Anna Atkinson says this is a stunning walk and because of the work, the track can be used all year round.

“We are lucky in Albany to have so many stunning bush walks and this is another. It is fantastic to have this beautiful track open again. Good to know that in this forest, kauri is protected now and for future generations.”

People planning a walk, can access the reserve by parking on Gills Road, at Hooten Reserve or Carol Lee Place.

Gills Road – walk over the one-lane bridge and enter on the left of the sign saying Gills Scenic Reserve. Don’t be fooled, even though it looks like a private driveway, this is the start of the walk.
Hooton Reserve – walk to Gills Road and choose one of the paths on either side of the stream. The shared path is wide and easy. The other path is more of a bush walk and access is from Mills Lane, turn left immediately after crossing the bridge.
Carol Lee Place – follow the path and it will connect to the main loop track.

The project cost just under $690,000 and is one of many, as part of a regionwide programme funded by the Natural Environment Targeted Rate, to address council’s ongoing battle to prevent the spread of kauri dieback.

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