Aerial action over Te Auaunga Oakley Creek

Last Updated : 03 Apr 2024
Drone View Of Heli Above Pedestrian Bridge 38 465748
Helicopter lifting tree from Te Auaunga Oakley Creek.
Heli Hovering Over Debri 38 465737
Helicopter in action, dropping debris lifted from Te Auaunga Oakley Creek.
Heli Taking Off 38 465720
Helicopter taking off from Oakley Creek Esplanade Reserve to clear debris from Te Auaunga Oakley Creek.
Bridge On Top Of Tree 38 465785
In situ, prior to removal - bridge versus tree in Te Auaunga Oakley Creek as a result of 2023 storms.

Te Auaunga Oakley Creek walkway at Waterview was the scene of a major clean-up operation as a team of 18 council staff and contractors called in helicopter support to help lift and remove fallen trees and hazardous debris left after last year’s weather events. 

More than 155 loads of 800+ kgs were lifted by helicopter. That’s more than 124 tonnes of uprooted trees, bridge structures and other storm damage lifted during 10 hours of operations, as a result of arborists, engineers, stream specialists and helicopter crew working to clear Te Auaunga Oakley Creek Walkway creek.

Albert-Eden Local Board chair, Margi Watson was happy to see work get underway.

“We’re pleased that work to tidy up Te Auaunga Oakley Creek has commenced and appreciate a lot of pressing situations have taken priority since the storms,” she says.

“Restoring the stream will be a big and complex job so clearing the creek is just the start.

“We have been working closely with council staff to prioritise this work and, while there is much to be done, this is another step towards recovery. It’s progress towards making the reserve a safer facility for the public.”

Fencing has been in place to close off the unsafe walkway, but people have been still accessing the reserve at their own risk. 

Auckland Council’s Community Facilities Programme Manager, Grant Burke explains: “The purpose of this initial stage of work was to remove storm-damaged debris to maintain public health and safety, allow for infrastructure repairs and to reduce the risk of flooding.

“The next step is to assess options for rebuilding structures for the walkway.

“In the meantime, Te Auaunga Oakley Creek walkway remains closed until it is made safe to enter. Even with debris removed, significant health and safety risks are still at large. We will continue to update the community on our progress as it happens,” he says.

In line with council’s commitment to reduce waste, 75 cubic metres of chipped timber from trees cleared from the stream has been left on-site for replanting, with other debris to be reused or upcycled where possible, either locally or across the region.

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Helicopter lifting failed structure from Te Auaunga Oakley Creek towards landing zone at Oakley Creek Esplanade Reserve

Helicopter lifting failed structure from Te Auaunga Oakley Creek towards landing zone at Oakley Creek Esplanade Reserve.

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