Celebrating Cultures ready to light up East Auckland

Publish Date : 15 Mar 2024
World of Cultures in East Auckland

From the flaming dances of the pacific islands, the fiery heat of majestic Asian cultures, the flare of India and back to the warmth of our rich native Māori heritage, Celebrating Cultures will set ablaze the diverse community in East Auckland.

The area is one of the major geographical regions of Auckland and includes Botany, Bucklands Beach, Howick, Flat Bush, and Pakuranga.

The event is set for Saturday 23 March and is delivered by Howick Local Board.

Board chair Damian Light says, “Our area has the largest population by local board area in Auckland. Just over 141,000 people (Census 2018) live in the area, and this is predicted to increase to over 150,000 by 2025.

“It is also home to a wide range of diverse communities, and having a signature event like Celebrating Cultures helps us to share in the multicultural richness of it.”

Light states that participating in arts and cultural initiatives enables Aucklanders to express our unique cultures and see ourselves reflected in public places.

“We acknowledge our area’s local heritage, Māori and European, plays a significant role in what we aim to achieve. We also have other cultures, which are increasingly coming to the fore. Ensuring the continued support for this diversity is our top priority and we do this via our festivals, arts, culture, music and heritage activities and experiences”, adds Light.

Celebrating Cultures takes place at Barry Curtis Park, and offers an array of dance/music performances, markets full of treasures from around the world, a variety of free activities for kids, workshops for all ages, kai from over 15 different cultures, and games to entertain all, there is something for everyone.

Don’t miss out: Saturday 23 March, 11am-4pm Barry Curtis Park, Chapel Road, Howick.


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