Devonport CRC launches Zero Waste educational play space for kids

Publish Date : 22 Mar 2024
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Where most adults see a pile of junk, children see a pile of potential.

Children are turning trash into treasure at the newly upgraded Devonport Community Recycling Centre (CRC) which had its official opening on Thursday, 21 March 2024.

Known locally as Resource Recovery Devonport, the CRC has undergone an extensive upgrade with support from Auckland Council.  This includes a new educational play space for children, Noughty Wasters Makerspace.

The name Noughty Wasters refers to the Zero Waste philosophy that focuses on sustainable practices to prevent and reduce waste. 

Ann Langis, the educator behind Noughty Wasters, says children are naturals when it comes to zero waste. 

“Kids see the opportunities when presented with a room full of junk. They think creatively about how to fix things or make something new. It gives them a sense of joy and accomplishment and teaches them new skills.”

Devonport-Takapuna Local Board Chairperson Toni van Tonder says the education space is a fantastic addition to an already well supported waste minimisation centre.

“Given that the Devonport Community Recycling Centre was New Zealand’s first ever municipal recycling centre thanks to the successful lobbying of local residents in 1977, I expect locals will fully embrace the many opportunities this new educational space will present in dialling up the conversations about waste minimisation and environmentalism.”

As part of its commitment to creating a zero waste, circular economy, the Devonport CRC has started a new skip bin service targeted at both residential and commercial businesses. This will allow it to collect more unwanted items along with construction and demolition items for reuse. This runs alongside its landscaping supplies business which utilises green waste. Profits from the businesses help fund local community organisations.

North Shore Ward Councillor Chris Darby says the Devonport CRC has strong support from the community and, in turn, supports its community.

“The Devonport CRC is creating opportunities and resources for its community, while also supporting Auckland’s strategy for reaching zero waste by 2040. Its strong connections and robust social enterprise model are a great example for existing and new CRCs as we expand the council’s Resource Recovery Network.”

One of 13 community recycling centres across the Auckland region that are part of the Auckland Council’s Resource Recovery Network, its aim is to keep waste out of landfill and support a circular economy.

Councillor Darby and members of the Devonport-Takapuna Local Board including Chairperson Toni van Tonder congratulated the staff, volunteers and community groups involved with the Devonport CRC at the official opening on Thursday.

Devonport Community Recycling Centre upgrades included a new reuse shop and education space, new weighbridge and office, improved surfacing and stormwater management devices.

Auckland Council’s goal is to expand to 21 CRCs and two large resource recovery parks by 2030, ensuring most urban Aucklanders live within a 20-minute drive of a convenient place to bring or buy items.

The Devonport Community Recycling Centre is located at Resource Recovery Devonport, 27 Lake Road, Devonport

For a full list of Community Recycling Centres in the Auckland region, visit   

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