Moving funds benefits local assets

Publish Date : 27 Mar 2024

A skatepark and playground upgrade, the McNicol Homestead and improvements to local halls are the beneficiaries of Franklin Local Board funding reallocations. 

Budget comes from projects across Franklin that have not been able to proceed or cost less than forecast. 

Board chair Angela Fulljames says there can be any number of reasons why projects don’t go ahead, such as delays obtaining contractors or the scope of work changing, while savings from delivering work under budget are always welcome because they free up cash to use elsewhere. 

“One of the most significant reallocations is almost $250,000 from the Clarks Beach Recreation Reserve and Golf Club project to upgrade the skate park, playground and land fixtures. 

“It’s not because we don’t want to do the project, it’s a case of not being able to use the allocated funds in the financial year because of water connection consenting delays. We will need to provide those funds at another time to deliver those upgrades.” 

She says an increase of $280,000 for work around the historic McNicol Homestead in Clevedon will be funded by reallocating Clevedon Village Heart Programme budget to later financial years, using significant savings from Waiuku War Memorial Town Hall renewal work, and other unallocated funds. 

“We have also approved an increase of $50,000 to renew the Waiau Pa Hall car park, and more than $200,000 for Karaka War Memorial Hall.” 

The board also requested Council staff provide an update on progress on plans that include community ownership of Bombay Hall, and the use of Franklin pools, which have shown a decline in use. 

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