Windmill Park plan approved

Publish Date : 28 Mar 2024
Windmill Park

A new plan to futureproof local sports facility Windmill Park, outlining a new layout, priorities and development opportunities, has been adopted by Albert-Eden Local Board.

The plan, developed following community consultation last year, will guide long-term improvements to the park that will make the most out of the area, and features:

  • new pathways for improved access

  • sheltered area for spectators and activities

  • multi-use netball and basketball courts

  • two small play areas

  • feasibility study for covered courts.

All elements of the plan are yet to be prioritised and will need to be costed before work is considered for future budgets.

Albert-Eden Local Board Chair, Margi Watson is pleased a plan is in place for the growing community.

 “The purpose of this plan is to ensure the community’s long-term needs are considered and that there is a vision for future improvements in the park as the area’s population grows” explains Chair Watson.

“I grew up playing tennis at Windmill and know it’s still a widely used space and we want to be able to provide a strong secure future. So when there is funding even for just one or two elements of the park – we’re ready to go.

“I want to thank all the members of the community who took part in the consultation and hope they see how their feedback has helped to shape the final plan.”


Windmill Park Concept Plan 2024

Windmill Park Concept Plan

Windmill Park provides a space for sports and recreation. The reserve includes outdoor netball, tennis and futsal courts, open space with cricket pitches, an off-leash dog area, basketball half courts, a pétanque area and public toilets.

In June 2022, an assessment for the park was conducted with the community, including key park users, mana whenua, neighbouring residents and other interested parties to understand how the park is used and potential ideas for the future to develop a draft concept.

Vital to the concept’s development was a partnership approach with mana whenua, represented by Te Ākitai Waiohua and Patukirikiri.

The finalised plan provides new pathways for the park which will include a new formal entrance at St Andrews Road, a new path around the green space and new paths around and between courts for improved access. 

No plans for new carparking are included due to the lack of appetite to compromise facilities in exchange for additional parking. Instead, the plan prescribes a need to focus on managing carparking behaviour and encouraging park users to consider alternative transport modes.

Changes to sports facilities include multi-use markings to provide two full-sized basketball courts. Courts will have new markings when resurfacing is due.

In the plan, safer locations for smaller areas of play opportunities have been finalised based on feedback. 

Timeframes and costs to implement elements of the plan are yet to be decided and will be subject to prioritisation of future work. The community will be updated on progress as it happens.

View the full version of Windmill Park Concept Plan here.

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