Glenbrook boat ramp plan rejected

Publish Date : 18 Apr 2024
Boat Ramp

An application to develop the Glenbrook Beach Boat Ramp Reserve launch facility has been declined.

Kahawai Point Development Ltd wanted to develop the site, already home to a boat ramp, but Franklin Local Board chair Angela Fulljames says the proposal failed to deliver sufficient local benefit.

“The board took the view the development would lead to a loss of public land to private use, and put more pressure on the road network,” she says.

However, the board did acknowledge feedback, both for and against the proposal, received from the Glenbrook community.

“While we have declined the proposal, we are open to considering future applications that might better address our concerns,” Fulljames says.

“That would include the opportunity to partner with others to provide facilities accessible to Franklin communities, and we have urged the applicant to work with the community on a new application.”

Kahawai Point is a large housing development along the northern Glenbrook coast.

The developer had applied for approval to establish a club-based marine launching facility at the Glenbrook Beach Boat Ramp Reserve.

Two concepts were proposed to improve existing assets and install new ones, some of which would be restricted to club and paid guest use.

Fulljames says the concepts would have seen the seawalls / groynes, carparking and fencing put in place, with proposed free-to-use public assets including increased parking, new footpaths, a lookout, and landscaping.

A café or restaurant might also eventually be established at the nearby community hall.

The board declined the application on the basis it did not align with its Local Board Plan 2023 or its Shoreline Adaption Plan, which noted the area was subject to erosion and flooding and recommended no new assets be installed.

Concerns were also expressed because the applicant could build a facility on its own land.

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