Change at the top for Hibiscus and Bays Local Board

Publish Date : 26 Apr 2024
Change at the top for Hibiscus and Bays Local Board
Gary Brown and Alexis Poppelbaum.

It will be all change for Hibiscus and Bays Local Board from the end of April with East Coast Bays member Alexis Poppelbaum set to become Chair and Gary Brown moving to deputy for the remainder of the current term.

Members have split the three-year term in half with a different chair and deputy for each and have divided the roles equally between the board’s two subdivisions.

Alexis Poppelbaum assumes the chair role from 29 April until October 2025. Hibiscus Coast member and outgoing chair Gary Brown moves to the deputy chair role vacated by East Coast Bays member Julia Parfitt.

Brown says, “It has been a pleasure to assist our communities and achieve good outcomes for them. I’m proud of everything we have achieved and excited about several projects set to transform the area for future generations.

“Significant projects include the Ōrewa Library extension, and Ōrewa Beach seawall and walkway, which are expected to start soon.

“I want to thank Julia for her fantastic contribution and her willingness to share her considerable knowledge and experience with other board members. I wish Alexis well as she steps into the chair role and look forward to working with her,” he says.

Parfitt says it is a privilege to work with board members, council staff and the community to progress projects that will benefit the area for many years to come.

“A project very close to my heart is the Bays Community Centre refurbishment and the work will ensure the building is fit for purpose and available to the community for a long time,” she says.

Local board business meetings are open to the public and Poppelbaum will chair the next meeting which takes place in Browns Bay on Tuesday 28 May, 10am.

“The second half of the term looks to be exciting and challenging. We have several large projects starting and along with their delivery, we will focus on solutions that achieve the best possible results for our community,” Poppelbaum says.

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