Less waste and more resources for DIYers

Publish Date : 23 Apr 2024
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Renovating and looking for something special?

DIYers in Warkworth and surrounds have a new one-stop-shop to find the perfect materials at affordable prices.

Less. Waste Warkworth (Less), which operates the newly upgraded community recycling centre (CRC) at Lawrie Road, Snells Beach is adding resource recovery for construction and demolition waste to its list of recycling and reuse services.

The newly upgraded CRC had its official opening on Earth Day, Monday 22 April. Earth Day is an international day to raise awareness for environmental protection, a cause in keeping with the philosophy of the CRC.

Less Manager Mark Gane says the three-level site caters for the whole community having grown from a convenient recycling drop-off point into a resource recovery site with multiple services.

“Our newly built reuse shop stocks a wide range of household items and has a special area for construction and building materials, perfect for anyone wanting to renovate without blowing the budget.

“With a lot of material salvaged from older buildings, you may even find special items or styles that are out of production. And if you’re renovating or decluttering, give us a call as we have a collection service for materials and household items that can be reused.

“We have also created a new education hub for children of all ages to learn how to reduce waste, reuse valuable resources and protect our environment.”

Residents can continue to drop off reusable and recyclable items at the Lawrie Road CRC and can now browse the shop for bargains or learn more about waste minimisation.

The top level is used for compost, and it has room to expand into other services.

Chair of the Planning, Environment and Parks Committee Richard Hills says the focus on diverting construction and demolition waste from landfill is great news for everyone.

“Construction and demolition are major contributors to waste in many cities, accounting for up to half of waste sent to landfill. We know community-based organisations and social enterprises like Less are highly successful in diverting construction and demolition waste. In doing so, they support both the local environment and economy.”

Chief Executive of joint venture partner Localised Matthew Luxon says providing the community with a comprehensive range of services is vital to building a circular economy.

“Being able to reuse and repurpose products provides people and communities with more choice and greater power to make a difference. Community-led resource recovery enterprises are the foundation of a zero-waste future.”

Less. Waste Warkworth, 55 Lawrie Road, Snells Beach www.less.org.nz

For more information on community recycling centres across Auckland please visit here

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