Nicholson Park serves up refreshed facilities

Publish Date : 16 Apr 2024
Deputy Mayor And Lb Chair At Nicholson Park Reopening April 2024 (1)
From left: Deputy Mayor Desley Simpson, Tennis Auckland President - Greg Long, Albert-Eden Local Board Chair Margi Watson.

Mount Eden tennis courts have made a smashing return to service with a reopening by Tennis Auckland and Auckland Council elected members, following Nicholson Park's upgrade.

The opening was a hit, officiated by Deputy Mayor Desley Simpson, Albert-Eden-Puketāpapa Ward Councillors Christine Fletcher and Julie Fairey, Albert-Eden Local Board Chair Margi Watson, Deputy Chair Kendyl Smith and local board member Christina Robertson.

With ace new LED floodlights installed by Tennis Auckland, Nicholson Park now offers many more hours of tennis for club members and the public.

The park has been leased to Tennis Auckland since 1992, and board chair Margi Watson is delighted with the facility’s offering to the community.

“The local board and council staff have been working with Tennis Auckland to increase opportunities for the community to play, which includes granting a new lease in 2023, contributing to funds for resurfacing and approving the roll out of the Book-a-Court system, which provides options for pay or free use of the courts,” explains Chair Watson.

“The council also has ongoing work to protect and manage the trees around the courts.

“We agreed to Tennis Auckland’s ‘Pay-to-Play’ model on the basis there is still some free access – so well done to them for making this work. And thank you to their other partners who have also supported the cause,” she says.

“Recreation is key to our community’s wellbeing and the local board continues to invest in in open spaces, sports fields and facilities across the area – from Point Chevalier to Greenlane.

“From the perspective of our community, our people and our places – Nicholson Park is key to delivering many outcomes. It has been great to work with Tennis Auckland and I wish you and the community who come here – every success.”

Nicholson Park is now 102 years old and has been a home to tennis since the 1920s. After the land was vested to the council in 1922, by late 1920s it was developed with a children’s play area, tennis courts, bowling greens and croquet lawns.

The park is a smash hit with the community thanks to its wide range of uses from the arts to sports, including being home to an art gallery, handweavers and embroiders, lawn bowls, futsal, field sports and tennis.

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