Board seeks guarantee for art space

Publish Date : 15 Apr 2024
Art Gallery

More information is needed before the sale of the Averill St gallery and proposed move to Accent Point can be approved, Papakura Local Board says.

Chair Brent Catchpole says the board won’t agree to sell without guarantees the gallery will be able to operate in a similar way to what it does now.

“There are wonderful opportunities for people to engage in the arts through the gallery, which offers workshops and tutorials on top of its exhibitions.

“We won’t accept a sale and find ourselves in a situation where all that is possible is to hang a few pictures on the wall outside the library.

“We believe the arts are important. Many people enjoy them, and we need to be able to guarantee a space where that can continue.”

The proposal before the board was to approve detailed planning to integrate arts services into Accent Point and to approve the sale of the Averill St gallery – the old fire station.

Moving would site the gallery with the library and museum in a central space staffed for longer hours, provide the chance to improve activations, and be good value for money.

What a re-sited gallery could look like had been discussed with the board previously, and gallery staff supported what was proposed.

Valuation advice is that a sale, subject to retaining the funds locally, would pay for the move and even finance more work on other board-approved projects.

A 2019 survey of visitors indicated satisfaction with the gallery’s services, but the building is not in good condition, and is estimated to face around $350,000 in renewal costs over the next 16 years.

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