House to make way for park upgrade

Publish Date : 07 May 2024
North Rd

The house at 6 North Rd in Clevedon will be removed to make way for redevelopment and expansion of the neighbouring reserve.

Franklin Local Board approved removing the dwelling as part of its plans to renew the reserve and the nearby Showgrounds, with public consultation closing on 8 May.

Board chair Angela Fulljames says two lots, Nos 4 and 6, make up North Road Reserve.

The existing park is mostly flat and used for passive recreation, while the neighbouring area is dominated by the existing unoccupied house.

“The reserve is important to the Clevedon community, and it is likely to become even more critical as the area continues to grow, adding families to the village,” Fulljames says.

“The coming years are forecast to be a time of rapid population growth and the board has already supported renewing the playspace in its current location, and called for a review of the site, including the dwelling.

“By removing the house, we’ll be able to expand the North Road Reserve open space area.”

How the building is removed is still to be determined.

When the residential tenancy ended in 2022 council boarded the house up.

The single-storey three-bedroom dwelling dates from the 1970s and both the exterior and interior are in a poor condition matching its age and lack of maintenance.

Fulljames says returning the property to a fit state would be expensive and would serve little purpose other than creating a home fit to tenant.

“It makes more sense to remove it, whether that be by demolishing it, or having it removed. It may be that an organisation or someone else has the skills to repair the house over time on another site.”

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