Waiheke emergency volunteers get a hand from the board

Publish Date : 04 Jul 2024
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Waiheke volunteer groups have received a financial boost from the local board to help prepare the island for future emergencies as part of an ongoing partnership with Auckland Emergency Management (AEM).

The board allocated $7,000 to Community Networks Waiheke on behalf of local residents’ associations and neighbourhood groups to support their emergency planning and preparedness.

Local Board chair Cath Handley says, “Although part of Auckland, Waiheke faces specific challenges in emergencies that differ from the mainland, so we need local response plans that meet our needs.”

Following last year’s storms, the local board and Auckland Emergency Management have been working with residents’ groups to develop localised emergency readiness and response plans to complement the planning being done by Auckland Council at a regional and local board level.

The funds will go towards resourcing neighbourhood hubs with equipment that can be used during emergency events such as severe storms that could see parts of the island cut off and without power. 

Cath Handley says the funds will be a welcome addition, building on the hard work of local volunteers.

"Knowing there are people on the ground here on Waiheke who can use their local knowledge to help in a future emergency is crucial. Our residents’ groups know local needs at a neighbourhood or household level, which means that residents can support each other while sheltering in place during an emergency.”

If you are a Waiheke resident and want to get involved in emergency preparedness planning, you can join your local residents’ group, volunteer with the Waiheke Red Cross, or come to their free Household Disaster Preparedness Workshop on Thursday 11 July, 5.50-6.30pm at 132 Ocean Road, Oneroa.

Contact Jill Caughley at jill.caughley@redcross.org.nz or 027 245 6529 for more information.

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