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Environment 28 Jan 2020

Rooster takes pig under his wing

Dogs are not the only animals Auckland Council’s shelter staff are trying to re-home.

Dogs 24 Jan 2020

Meg finds her forever home down south

Kim Jones didn’t expect to fall in love on her recent visit to Auckland, but that’s exactly what happened.

Dogs 17 Jan 2020

New bylaw helping to maintain a safer environment for dogs and people

With warmer weather and longer days summer is a great time to head outdoors with your dog but expect a fine if you flout the rules.

Dogs 13 Jan 2020

New rules for dog management in force from Friday 1 November

Auckland Council’s new Policy on Dogs 2019 and dog management bylaw will come into force from Friday 1 November 2019 across the Auckland region.

Dogs 12 Dec 2019

Piri’s puppies arrive in time for Christmas

Piri, one of Auckland Council's biosecurity dogs, has given birth to seven happy, healthy puppies.

Dogs 11 Dec 2019

A new generation of council pups on its way

Piri, one of Auckland Council's hard-working biosecurity dogs is expecting puppies - and it's almost time to meet them.

Dogs 3 Dec 2019

Dogs of all sizes welcome on Auckland Transport trains

Auckland Transport has announced the second phase of the pets on trains trial, extending it to allow dogs of all sizes to travel.

Dogs 3 Dec 2019

Auckland Council's first pest detection dog retires after 11 years

Tūī, Auckland Council’s first and the country’s oldest pest detection dog, is putting her paws up after 11 years of hard work.