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Dogs 3 Dec 2019

Dogs of all sizes welcome on Auckland Transport trains

Auckland Transport has announced the second phase of the pets on trains trial, extending it to allow dogs of all sizes to travel.

Dogs 3 Dec 2019

Auckland Council's first pest detection dog retires after 11 years

Tūī, Auckland Council’s first and the country’s oldest pest detection dog, is putting her paws up after 11 years of hard work.

Dogs 24 Sep 2019

Animal Management report highlights positive work

Dog attacks are down and registrations up – another successful year for Auckland Council’s Animal Management.

Dogs 23 Aug 2019

Biosecurity and bark control - behind the scenes at Auckland Council

Find out about Auckland Council's biosecurity dogs and barking complaints teams.

Dogs 16 Aug 2019

Behind the scenes: no shortage of love at Auckland's animal shelters

We go behind the scenes at Auckland Council animal shelters and speak to the staff tasked with finding forever homes for stray dogs.

Dogs 2 Aug 2019

Know where your dogs are this lambing season

Dog owners are being reminded to be extra vigilant during lambing and calving season, as the risk of stock attack increases.

Dogs 3 Jul 2019

Canine champions take chauffeured commute

Meet the team of tenacious terriers who commute in style – in a specially designed wagon pulled by an electric bike!

Dogs 1 Jul 2019

Adorable adoptables from Auckland's shelters

Meet some of the adorable adoptables available at Auckland’s main animal shelters.