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Mayor 7 Dec 2023

Mayor's proposal passes the first hurdle

Mayor Wayne Brown’s full raft of recommendations to ‘strengthen the financial and physical resilience of the Auckland region’ will go to public consultation in late-February.

Council news 7 Dec 2023

City centre partners teaming up for safer streets

Announcing a new partnership between Auckland Council, NZ police and various organisations to provide a more visible safety presence in the city centre.

Mayor 5 Dec 2023

Mayoral proposal to build Auckland’s long-term financial and physical resilience

The mayoral poposal is the first formal step in the long process of developing Auckland Council’s 10-year budget, known as the Long-term Plan (LTP).

Mayor 1 Dec 2023

Majority of Aucklanders back Mayor's proposal to lease port

A Curia Market Research poll [i] commissioned by the Office of the Mayor of Auckland has found strong support for his proposal to consult on leasing the port operations. 

Mayor 30 Nov 2023

Mayor’s proposal to make public transport faster, more reliable, and easier to use

Mayor Wayne Brown is proposing that Aucklanders pay no more than $50 a week on public transport, including bus, rail, and inner harbour ferry services.

Mayor 29 Nov 2023

Mayor proposes Auckland Future Fund for financial and physical resilience

The Auckland Future Fund would make provision for climate change risks through self-insurance and help mitigate rates rises for Aucklanders.

Mayor 27 Nov 2023

Time-of-use charging on the cards in Auckland

The aim of time-of-use charging is to reduce congestion and speed up travel times throughout the city.

Mayor 27 Nov 2023

Council cancels micro-mobility centre, secures 200 additional short-stay carparks

Auckland Council’s Governing Body voted recently to cancel a proposed multi-modal/micro-mobility centre that had been planned as part of the redevelopment of the Downtown Carpark site.