Save our backyard bird song

It’s a risky business for our native birds to move about the region but there is a plan to make it safer. Pest Free Auckland focuses on the suppression of pest animals and plants to create a secure environment for our wildlife to thrive. Together we can save our backyard birdsong.

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Environment 26 Mar 2018

Making our parks spray free

Alternative methods are needed to replace agrichemical plant control in parks.

Pest Free 15 Mar 2018

Howick continues battle against weeds

Are moth plant and rhamnus weed out of control in your backyard?

Community 14 Mar 2018

Hunt for the long-tailed bat

A team of researchers have been on the hunt for our elusive indigenous long-tailed bat.

Dogs 6 Mar 2018

Sniffing out mice in the Antipodes Islands

Auckland Council biosecurity advisor Brian Shields is part of a team helping to eradicate mice from the Antipodes Islands.

Pest Free 5 Mar 2018

Operation little spotted kiwi part II a success

Twenty additional little spotted kiwi have been successfully welcomed into their new home at Shakespear Regional Park over the weekend.

Parks / Outdoors 22 Feb 2018

Go Team Wasp?

Wasps are on the charge – or buzz – to protect our parks.

Pest Free 15 Feb 2018

Dogs on a mission

A heroic doggie pair and their human are voyaging over the ocean on a pest-control mission this week.

Environment 19 Jan 2018

Supporting our seabirds

The first ever comprehensive survey of grey-faced petrels/ōi and little penguins/kororā living on the west coast of Auckland has been published.