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New transport projects for Albany

Published: 15 August 2017

Funding has been approved for three new road projects in Albany. The projects are:

  • a new link road between Gills Road and Oteha Valley Road
  • a new link road between Medallion Drive and Fairview Avenue and
  • an upgrade of the Dairy Flat Highway between Stevenson Crescent and Gills Road.

The Dairy Flat Highway intersection with The Avenue and Lucas Creek Bridge will also be upgraded.


The bulk of funding, amounting to about $60 million, will be provided by Auckland Council through the Local Residential Growth Fund.

The Local Residential Growth Fund is provided to facilitate local transport infrastructure projects for vital residential growth areas.

John Watson, Auckland Councillor for Albany says, “The fund is designed to bridge the budget gap for critical missing infrastructure links in residential areas, which are not the responsibility of a private developer under the requirements of a Resource Management Act consent or other planning condition. A situation which might otherwise impede the development of new homes.”


The investigation of designs and statutory requirements for each of these projects will begin in the coming months. Subject to land acquisition and statutory approvals, physical construction will start for the link road between Gills Road and Oteha Valley Road in October 2018.

Work on the link road between Medallion Drive and Fairview Avenue and the Dairy Flat Highway upgrade will commence in early 2019.

Rapid growth in Albany

David Nelson, Auckland Transport Group Manager Major Capital says, “The Albany area has seen rapid growth in the past 20 years, changing from a rural environment on the fringe of Auckland city, to a growing urbanised environment on the outer edge of the city boundaries.

“These new projects will improve corridors and provide new road connections, improve walking and cycling facilities and enhance safety for all road users.”

Auckland Councillor for Albany, Wayne Walker says, “Through these projects, Auckland Council and Auckland Transport will be delivering essential public infrastructure to support the growth of over 3,000 residential dwellings in the Fairview Heights and Albany Heights areas.

"In addition, the works on the Dairy Flat Highway will connect with future transport infrastructure needed for the estimated 25,500-30,000 dwellings to be constructed in the Wainui, Dairy Flat and Silverdale areas over the next 30 years.”

Lisa Whyte, Chairperson of the Upper Harbour Local Board says, “These connectivity improvements not only improve the travel time reliability for todays' residents, but unlock the development potential that exists along the rural urban boundary and provide for the needs of our residents of the future. Our area is changing so rapidly we welcome the investment to support it.”


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