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Car hit by train after ignoring barriers at level crossing

Published: 19 October 2018

Last night a train hit a car at the level crossing on Bruce McLaren Road in Henderson.

The barrier arms were down, the lights were flashing and bells were sounding, clearly showing that a train was approaching. Two car drivers decided to blatantly ignore this and drive through the level crossing.

The second car was hit by the train and then fled the scene. The front of the train was damaged, the cost of the repairs now has to be covered by the ratepayers.

Group Manager Metro Service Delivery Stacey Van Der Putten says, "This was a foolish and dangerous decision and it's incredibly lucky that no one was killed.

"The lights were flashing and the barriers were down, these drivers made the conscious and idiotic decision to ignore them, putting themselves, the other drivers nearby and the people on the train in danger."

Tracksafe Manager Megan Drayton says, "This reckless behaviour endangers the people in the car and the people in the train. Incidents like this can have a devastating effect on the driver of the train."

Detective Senior Sergeant Roger Small says this is an alarming incident and Police want to hear from anyone who witnessed this take place.

Anyone with information is asked to contact Henderson Police on 09 839 0600.

Read more: Transport Waitākere


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