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Morningside Pollution Prevention Programme funded by Albert-Eden Local Board

Published: 9 January 2019

Albert-Eden Local Board is continuing to protect and enhance its local environment with a range of projects throughout 2019.

This year, the local board is funding several new initiatives including a programme focused on informing businesses in the Morningside light industrial area about pollution prevention.

Contractors Wilkinson Environmental Ltd will be visiting businesses within the Morningside and St Lukes area in early 2019. The visits will help businesses to understand how accidental spills can cause stormwater pollution and will give expert advice on things that can be done to reduce these risks.

Stormwater from Morningside and St Lukes is either directed to 'soakage', where the natural geology allows water to drain into the aquifer (also known as groundwater), or it drains directly into Meola Creek/Waitītiko through stormwater pipes.

“Improving water quality in our precious streams requires a multifaceted effort,” says local board member Graeme Easte.

“At the same time as we improve the ability of our streams to process contaminants, we can also reduce the contaminants going into the streams.”

Find out more about stormwater management on the Auckland Council website.


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