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Local board champions accessibility at Movies in Parks

Published: 11 July 2019

More movies are likely to be captioned in the 2020 Movies in Parks series after the successful pilot at Back to the Future 2 shown at Coyle Park on earlier this year. This will make the experience more inclusive for all Aucklanders.

Albert-Eden Local Board championed this trial, supported it with funding and are delighted with the success of the pilot.

Early in the year, the board heard feedback from the community about the need for captioned movies in the programme from members of the deaf community.

The local board sought further advice and played an important role in facilitating and advocating for the trial.

“We want more Aucklanders to enjoy the memorable experience of movies shown in some of our most stunning parks,” said Albert-Eden Local Board chair Dr Peter Haynes.

“We sought advice and guidance from the Auckland Deaf Society and informed the process through learning about deaf culture. Our team attended a workshop with Julie from the Auckland Deaf Society, was taught basic sign language as well,” said Kaiya Irvine, Senior Event Organiser, Auckland Council.

The trial received excellent feedback from the community, especially from a Children of Deaf Adults (CODA) Family who said, “They loved being able to come to a movie that they could all enjoy as a family.”

Accessible map of Coyle Park is available here [PDF]


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