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More green in the Karangahape Road rainbow

Published: 17 October 2019

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Enhancing vibrant road

The transformation of Karangahape Road is well underway and once completed additional trees and vegetation will bring shade, shelter and a natural stormwater filtration system to the area.  

It will be part of the growing network of green corridors expanding across the city, increasing canopy cover, attracting birds and insects and creating environments where people want to spend time.

There is a bit of work still ahead in the enhancement programme, with several construction sites progressing along the road until end 2020.

With all this activity there is a need to protect the trees on Karangahape Road.

Over the coming weeks, 11 nīkau will be moved by a team of tree removal experts to a temporary home where they will be looked after until they can be replanted back on Karangahape Road.  

Removal of the trees involves excavation of the surrounding soil to uncover the roots. After careful extraction, the tree is wrapped in hessian to make sure that the roots are protected, minimising the stress on the tree.

Once everything is secured, it’s gently lifted on to a removal truck. It’s a lot of work but everything is being done to ensure the trees are looked after and come back to be enjoyed for generations to come.

The planting plan requires the removal of nine trees but introduces 33 new trees, bringing a green total of 85 trees, 18 rain gardens for stormwater treatment and 20 garden beds with tree pits from Gundry Street to Queen Street.

The garden beds will be planted in the cycleway separator and at the top of side roads.

Most trees on Karangahape Road will remain in their current location, including the liquidamber, London plane trees, and nikau - except for the 11 to be transplanted.  

Tree species have been selected to tie in with the character and heritage of Karangahape Road. They must also be compatible with the road as a public transport route – particularly with double-decker buses.  

The height of nīkau trees makes them well suited, and mature trees will be planted along with 12 pōhutukawa mistral and two London plane trees at the top of Howe Street.

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