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Support for essential workers and communities

Published: 15 February 2021

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Auckland Council public toilets that are open at Alert Level 3

While the Auckland region is in Alert Level 3, Auckland Council will continue to provide essential services to Aucklanders, including support for essential workers and members of the community.

Along with Auckland Transport continuing to provide public transport services for essential workers, around 200 public toilets will remain open in our parks and open spaces, for use by essential workers and locals visiting our parks. These facilities will undergo regular cleaning while Alert Level 3 is in place.

Public toilets that remain open (as at 16 February 2021) are listed below:


Public toilets open in the Devonport-Takapuna, Upper Harbour, Hibiscus and Bays, Kaipātiki and Rodney local board areas 

  • Bayswater Marina public toilets, 21 Sir Peter Blake Parade, Bayswater, Devonport-Takapuna
  • Belmont Shops public toilet, 132 Lake Road, Belmont, Devonport-Takapuna
  • Kennedy Park Exeloo, 137 Beach Road, Castor Bay, Devonport-Takapuna
  • Windsor Reserve, 2 Victoria Road, Devonport, Devonport-Takapuna
  • Bath Street Reserve, 2 Bath Street, Devonport, Devonport-Takapuna
  • Greville Reserve toilet/change room, 253 Forrest Hill Road, Forrest Hill, Devonport-Takapuna
  • Takapuna Beach, Hauraki Road, Devonport-Takapuna
  • Hauraki Shops public toilet, 1 Jutland Road, Hauraki, Devonport-Takapuna
  • Milford Shops public toilet, 141 Kitchener Road, Milford, Devonport-Takapuna
  • Milford Reserve, 24 Craig Road, Milford, Devonport-Takapuna
  • Narrow Neck Beach, 2 Old Lake Road, Narrow Neck, Devonport-Takapuna
  • Stanley Bay Beach Reserve, 147 Calliope Road, Stanley Point, Devonport-Takapuna
  • Sunnynook Park, 90 Sunnynook Road, Sunnynook, Devonport-Takapuna
  • Killarney Park (The Pumphouse cafe building), 39 Killarney Street, Takapuna, Devonport-Takapuna
  • Caravan Park (The Promenade kiosk), 22 The Promenade, Takapuna, Devonport-Takapuna
  • Anzac car park public toilets, 40 Anzac Street, Takapuna, Devonport-Takapuna
  • Gould Reserve, Takapuna Beach, 16 The Strand, Takapuna, Devonport-Takapuna
  • King Edward Parade Reserve, 1 King Edward Parade, Devonport, Devonport-Takapuna
  • North Shore Memorial Park Exeloo, 235 Schnapper Rock Road, Schnapper Rock, Upper Harbour
  • North Shore Memorial Park public toilets (adjacent to main building), 235 Schnapper Rock Road, Schnapper Rock, Upper Harbour
  • Hooton Reserve Exeloo, 259 Oteha Valley Road, Albany, Upper Harbour
  • Wainoni Park North toilet and Football Club, 56 Churchouse Road, Greenhithe, Upper Harbour
  • Collins Park Exeloo, 15 Greenhithe Road, Greenhithe, Upper Harbour
  • Rame Reserve toilet, 101 Rame Road, Greenhithe, Upper Harbour
  • Herald Island Domain toilet, 44 Ferry Parade, Herald Island, Upper Harbour
  • Pahiki Reserve toilet, Twin Wharf Road, Herald Island, Upper Harbour
  • Christmas Beach toilet, 86 The Terrace, Herald Island, Upper Harbour
  • Hobsonville War Memorial toilet, Hobsonville Road, Hobsonville, Upper Harbour
  • Hobsonville Point Park toilet, Buckley Avenue, Hobsonville, Upper Harbour
  • Rosedale Park toilet (concrete block), 2 Jack Hinton Drive, Rosedale, Upper Harbour
  • Rosedale Park Permaloo, 2 Jack Hinton Drive, Rosedale, Upper Harbour
  • Jack Hinton Drive Exeloo, Jack Hinton Drive, Rosedale, Upper Harbour
  • Luckens Reserve toilet (south end car park), 102 Marina View Drive, West Harbour, Upper Harbour
  • Kell Park public toilets, 257 Dairy Flat Highway, Albany, Upper Harbour
  • Albany Domain public toilet, Albany Highway, Albany, Upper Harbour
  • Becroft Park Reserve, 8 Becroft Drive, Forrest Hill, Devonport-Takapuna
  • Arkles Bay Beachfront Reserve (Arkles Strand Reserve), 57 Arkles Strand, Arkles Bay, Hibiscus and Bays
  • Army Bay toilets, Shakespear Regional Park, 1501 Whangaparāoa Road, Army Bay, Hibiscus and Bays
  • Browns Bay Beach Reserve (south), 3 Manly Esplanade, Browns Bay, Hibiscus and Bays
  • Huntly Road Reserve, 8 Huntly Road, Campbells Bay, Hibiscus and Bays
  • Gulf Harbour Marina Hammerhead Reserve (right side next to car park), 1346 Laurie Southwick Parade, Gulf Harbour, Hibiscus and Bays
  • Hatfields Beach Reserve, 544 Hibiscus Coast Highway, Hatfields Beach, Hibiscus and Bays
  • Long Bay Regional Park (south), 2000 Beach Road, Long Bay, Hibiscus and Bays
  • Mairangi Bay Village Green (Mairangi Bay shops), 4 Sidmouth Street, Mairangi Bay, Hibiscus and Bays
  • Little Manly Beach Reserve, 899a Whangaparāoa Road, Manly, Hibiscus and Bays
  • Manly Park, 60 Laurence Street, Manly, Hibiscus and Bays
  • Matakatia Parade Reserve (middle of lower reserve), 34 Matakatia Parade, Matakatia, Hibiscus and Bays
  • Mairangi Bay Beach Reserve (public toilet and surf club), 16 Brighton Terrace, Murrays Bay, Hibiscus and Bays
  • Murrays Bay Beach Reserve, 513a Beach Road, Murrays Bay, Hibiscus and Bays
  • Orewa Reserve (northern end), 275 Hibiscus Coast Highway, Orewa, Hibiscus and Bays
  • Orewa Reserve, (Orewa Park grounds surf club), 275 Hibiscus Coast Highway, Orewa, Hibiscus and Bays
  • Western Reserve car park, 214 Hibiscus Coast Highway, Orewa, Hibiscus and Bays
  • Moana Reserve (northern end), 313 Hibiscus Coast Highway, Orewa, Hibiscus and Bays
  • Red Beach Waterfront Reserve, 10 Ngapara Street, Red Beach, Hibiscus and Bays
  • Rothesay Bay Beach Reserve, 60 Rothesay Bay Road, Rothesay Bay, Hibiscus and Bays
  • Silverdale Street, corner Silverdale St and Agency Lane, Silverdale, Hibiscus and Bays
  • Stanmore Bay Park, Stanmore Bay Recreation Reserve, 162 Brightside Road, Stanmore Bay, Hibiscus and Bays
  • Lea Reserve, 17 Cooper Road, Stanmore Bay, Hibiscus and Bays
  • Waiake Beach Reserve, 921 Beach Road, Waiake, Hibiscus and Bays
  • Silverdale War Memorial Park, 12 Hibiscus Coast Highway, Silverdale, Hibiscus and Bays
  • Buster Elliot Memorial Landing Reserve (entrance to reserve), 70 Duck Creek Road, Stillwater, Hibiscus and Bays
  • Waiwera Place Reserve, (end of Waiwera Rd on right hand side), Waiwera Place, Waiwera, Hibiscus and Bays
  • Hilders Park, Beach Haven Wharf, 1 Beach Haven Road, Beach Haven, Kaipātiki
  • Marlborough Park, (near car park), 13 Chartwell Avenue, Glenfield, Kaipātiki
  • Onepoto Domain, 24 Tarahanga Street, Northcote, Kaipātiki
  • Northcote town centre, 115 Lake Road, Northcote, Kaipātiki
  • Little Shoal Bay Reserve/Dudding Park, 20 Council Terrace, Northcote Point, Kaipātiki
  • Little Shoal Bay Reserve/Dudding Park (scout den), 20 Council Terrace, Northcote Point, Kaipātiki
  • Jean Sampson Reserve, 25 Queen Street, Northcote Point, Kaipātiki
  • Link Drive Public Toilets, 1b/9-11 Link Drive, Wairau Valley, Kaipātiki
  • Algies Bay Reserve (main entrance), 30 Gordon Craig Place, Algies Bay, Rodney
  • Creek Lane (Exeloo), Creek Lane, Helensville, Rodney
  • Kaukapakapa Hall and Library (south-west corner of car park), 943 Kaipara Coast Highway, Kaukapakapa, Rodney
  • Kumeu Utility Reserve (beside The Fireplace), 66 Main Road, Kumeu, Rodney
  • Leigh Wharf Reserve, 24 Hauraki Road, Leigh, Rodney
  • Mangakura Reserve (behind boat club), 3691a State Highway 16, Mangakura, Rodney
  • Martins Bay Reserve, 287 Martins Bay Road, Martins Bay, Rodney
  • Matheson Bay Reserve (front of car park), 2 Matheson Bay Road, Matheson Bay, Rodney
  • William Fraser Reserve (Omaha Surf Life Saving Club), 37 Broadlands Drive, Omaha, Rodney
  • Pakiri Beach (by parking), Pakiri River Road, Pakiri, Rodney
  • Kaipātiki Recreation Reserve toilet, near camp entrance, 150 Parkhurst Road, Parakai, Rodney
  • Point Wells Foreshore Reserve toilet, near boat ramp, 36 Harbour View Road, Point Wells, Rodney
  • Puhoi Pioneer's Memorial Park Domain toilet, Domain Road, Puhoi, Rodney
  • Riverhead War Memorial Park toilet, 1087 Coatesville-Riverhead Highway, Riverhead, Rodney
  • Scotts Landing boat ramp toilet, Ridge Road, Scotts Landing, Rodney
  • Shelly Beach Reserve toilet, 3 Shelly Beach Road, Shelly Beach, Rodney
  • Ariki Reserve toilet, end of Ariki Drive, Snells Beach, Rodney
  • Snells Beach toilet, Sunrise Boulevard, Snells Beach, Rodney
  • Sunburst Reserve and Tamatea Esplanade toilet, beachfront entrance, Sunburst Avenue, Snells Beach, Rodney
  • Tāwharānui Regional Park vault toilet, Jones Bay, 1181, Takatu Road, Tāwharānui, Rodney
  • Te Arai Regional Park car park toilet, Te Arai Point Road, Te Arai, Rodney
  • Ti Point Walkway toilet, end of road, Ti Point Road, Ti Point, Rodney
  • Wenderholm Regional Park, entry toilet block, 37 Schischka Road, Waiwera, Rodney
  • Warkworth Service Centre and Library, 1A, Baxter Street, Warkworth, Rodney
  • Kowhai Park toilet, car park (just off SH1), 1 Matakana Road, Warkworth, Rodney
  • Wellsford public toilet, 118 Rodney Street, Wellsford, Rodney
  • Whangateau Reserve toilet, 533 Leigh Road, Whangateau, Rodney
  • Rautawhiri Park toilet, Rautawhiri Park East, 164 Rautawhiri Road, Helensville, Rodney
  • Huapai Recreation Reserve toilet, 46 Tapu Road, Huapai, Rodney
  • Sinclair Park toilet and change room adjacent to car park, 34 Macky Road, Kaukapakapa, Rodney
  • Leigh Hall grounds toilet, 3 Seatoun Avenue, Leigh, Rodney
  • Omeru Scenic Reserve toilet, 1842 Kaipara Coast Highway, Makarau, Rodney
  • Harry James Reserve toilet, south west reserve, Taupaki Road, Taupaki, Rodney 


Public toilets open in the Waitematā, Albert-Eden and Puketāpapa local board areas 

  • Auckland Domain toilet (by duck pond), 20 Park Road, Grafton, Waitematā
  • Auckland Domain Grandstand and toilet, 20 Park Road, Grafton, Waitematā
  • Pitt Street public toilets (by Beresford Square), Auckland Central, Waitematā
  • Wellesley Street, 18 Wellesley Street West, Wellesley Street, Auckland Central, Waitematā
  • High Street, 62 High Street, Auckland Central, Waitematā
  • Fort Street, 20 Fort Street, Auckland Central, Waitematā
  • Victoria Park toilets, 203-271 Victoria Street West, Auckland Central, Waitematā
  • Myers Park toilet, 72 Greys Avenue, Auckland Central, Waitematā
  • Silo Park toilets, Jellicoe Street, Auckland Central, Waitematā
  • Western Park toilet, (corner Hopetoun Street), 5-7 Ponsonby Road, Freemans Bay, Waitematā
  • Western Park toilet (by playground), 5-7 Ponsonby Road, Freemans Bay, Waitematā
  • Newmarket Park toilet, 51 Ayr Street, Parnell, Waitematā
  • Outhwaite Park Hall and toilet, 53 Carlton Gore Road, Newmarket, Waitematā
  • Potters Park, 173 Balmoral Road, Balmoral, Albert-Eden
  • Bellwood Avenue, 4a Bellwood Avenue, Mount Eden, Albert-Eden
  • Coyle Park (public toilet and change rooms), 528 Point Chevalier Road, Point Chevalier, Waitematā
  • May Road War Memorial Park, 13 May Road, Mount Roskill, Puketāpapa
  • Mount Roskill, 366 Mount Albert Rd, Mount Roskill, Puketāpapa
  • Keith Hay Park (basketball court), 660 Richardson Road, Mount Roskill, Puketāpapa

Gulf Islands 

Public toilets open in the Waiheke and Aotea / Great Barrier Island local board areas 

  • Claris Airfield and parking, 70 Hector Sanderson Road, Aotea / Great Barrier Island
  • Port Fitzroy, Aotea Road, Aotea / Great Barrier Island
  • Shoal Bay, Tryphena Wharf, Shoal Bay Road, Aotea / Great Barrier Island
  • Windy Canyon, Aotea Road, Aotea / Great Barrier Island
  • Whakanewha Regional Park, Poukaraka Flats toilets, 75 Gordons Road, Waiheke
  • Onetangi Sports Pavilion, Onetangi Sports Park (Rangihoua),133-165, Onetangi, Waiheke
  • Ostend Domain toilet, 67 Wharf Road, Waiheke


Public toilets open in the Ōrākei and Howick local board areas 

  • Kohimarama Beach Reserve, 72-80, Tamaki Drive, Kohimarama, Ōrākei
  • Selwyn Reserve (mid-domain) 48-56 Tamaki Drive, Mission Bay, Ōrākei
  • Okahu Bay Reserve, Mission Bay, Ōrākei
  • Clonbern Road, 6 Clonbern Road, Remuera, Ōrākei
  • Waiatarua Reserve (Remuera), 98 Abbotts Way, Remuera, Ōrākei
  • St Heliers Bay Beach Reserve, Tamaki Drive, St Heliers, Ōrākei
  • Bucklands Beach, Grangers Point toilet block, 56R The Parade, Bucklands Beach, Howick
  • Eastern Beach playground park (Novaloo), 34R The Esplanade, Eastern Beach, Howick
  • Eastern Beach playground park (south toilet), 67R The Esplanade, Eastern Beach, Howick
  • Eastern Beach Caravan Park (car park south end of The Parade), 67R The Esplanade, Eastern Beach, Howick
  • Barry Curtis Park, Barry Curtis Wetlands Building, 163 Chapel Road, Flat Bush, Howick
  • Barry Curtis Park, Ormiston Activity Centre, 163 Chapel Road, Flat Bush, Howick
  • Barry Curtis Park (toilets by southern sports fields), 163 Chapel Road, Flat Bush, Howick
  • Moore Street, 27 Moore Street, Howick, Howick


Public toilets open in the Whau, Henderson-Massey and Waitākere Ranges local board areas 

  • Avondale Town Centre, 1959 Great North Road, Avondale, Whau
  • Olympic Park toilet (south end), 24 Portage Road, Avondale, Whau
  • Gardner Reserve, Rankin Avenue, New Lynn, Whau
  • Blockhouse Bay Beach Reserve toilet, 69-79 Endeavour Street, Blockhouse Bay, Whau
  • Craigavon Park toilet, 82-86 Kinross Street, Blockhouse Bay, Whau
  • Gittos Domain toilet, 572-578 Blockhouse Bay Road, Blockhouse Bay, Whau
  • Glendene, 4343, Great North Road, Glendene, Henderson-Massey
  • Te Pai Park, 31-35 Te Pai Place, Henderson, Henderson-Massey
  • Henderson Valley Park, Henderson Valley Road, Henderson, Henderson-Massey
  • Tui Glen Reserve, 2 Claude Brookes Drive, Henderson, Henderson-Massey
  • Railside Avenue, 31, Railside Avenue, Henderson, Henderson-Massey
  • Sturges Park and Ride (south-west corner), 76 Swanson Road, Henderson, Henderson-Massey
  • Rānui Station Park (Exeloo at western end of park), 35 Rānui Station Road, Rānui, Henderson-Massey
  • Jack Pringle Village Green, 595 Te Atatū Road, Te Atatū Peninsula, Henderson-Massey
  • Waikumete Cemetery public toilets, (Kowhai Road), 4128A Great North Road, Glen Eden
  • Waikumete Cemetery, Waitākere View toilet, 137 Awaroa Road, Glen Eden
  • Waikumete Cemetery public toilets (Acmena Road), 4128A Great North Road, Glen Eden
  • Te Henga Park toilet, 257 Bethells Road, Bethells, Waitākere Ranges
  • Parrs Park toilet (west cricket nets) 471-479 West Coast Road, Glen Eden, Waitākere Ranges
  • Glenmall shops, in car park near #37-39, Glenmall Place, Glen Eden, Waitākere Ranges
  • Huia Domain toilet and change room, beach front opposite 1232 Huia Road, Huia, Waitākere Ranges
  • Karekare Reserve toilet (north side), Karekare Road, Karekare, Waitākere Ranges
  • Piha Domain toilet and camp amenities, Piha Domain, 21 Seaview Road, Piha, Waitākere Ranges
  • Piha South Road Reserve toilet and change room, Marine Parade South, Piha, Waitākere Ranges
  • North Piha Strand toilet, mid-beach opposite 110 Marine Parade North, Piha, Waitākere Ranges
  • Swanson Station Park toilet, 760 Swanson Road, Swanson, Waitākere Ranges
  • Arataki Visitor Centre Education Building toilets, 300 Scenic Drive, Waiatarua, Waitākere Ranges
  • Township Park toilet, Township Road, Waitākere, Waitākere Ranges


Public toilets open in the Māngere-Ōtāhuhu, Maungakiekie-Tāmaki, Ōtara-Papatoetoe, Manurewa, Papakura and Franklin local board areas 

  • Hall Avenue, 6 Hall Avenue, Māngere, Māngere-Ōtāhuhu
  • Kiwi Esplanade (boat ramp), 32R Kiwi Esplanade, Māngere Bridge, Māngere-Ōtāhuhu
  • Coronation Rd Walkway (adjacent to 32), 26R Coronation Road, Māngere Bridge, Māngere-Ōtāhuhu
  • Waterfront Road Reserve, (north-west corner of reserve, Coronation Rd), 15R Waterfront Road, Māngere Bridge, Māngere-Ōtāhuhu
  • Yates Road, 10 Yates Road, Māngere East, Māngere-Ōtāhuhu
  • Māngere Town Centre Grounds, 121R, Bader Drive, Māngere Town Centre, Māngere-Ōtāhuhu
  • Manurewa Library Complex Grounds, Manurewa Town Centre toilet block, 7 Hill Road, Manurewa
  • Mayfair Place, Glen Innes, Maungakiekie-Tāmaki
  • Onehunga Mall, Onehunga, Maungakiekie-Tāmaki
  • Upper Municipal Place, Onehunga, Maungakiekie-Tāmaki
  • Onehunga Bay Reserve toilets and first aid room, 71-91 Beachcroft Avenue, Onehunga, Maungakiekie-Tāmaki
  • Taumanu Reserve, Orpheus Drive, Onehunga, Maungakiekie-Tāmaki
  • Panmure Basin/Peterson Reserve, (lagoon toilet, Swimararama), 29 Lagoon Drive, Panmure, Maungakiekie-Tāmaki
  • Panmure Basin/Peterson Reserve, 10 Peterson Road, Panmure, Maungakiekie-Tāmaki
  • Panmure Library and Community Hall, 7-13 Pilkington Road, Panmure, Maungakiekie-Tāmaki
  • Panmure Wharf Reserve, 102-104 Kings Road, Panmure, Maungakiekie-Tāmaki
  • Point England Reserve (fields toilet), 254 Point England Road, Point England, Maungakiekie-Tāmaki
  • Dawson Road, 112 Dawson Road, Ōtara, Ōtara-Papatoetoe
  • Ōtara Town Centre (Bairds Road playground) Bairds Road, Ōtara, Ōtara-Papatoetoe
  • Ōtara Town Centre, East Tamaki Bus Shelter, Bairds Road, Ōtara, Ōtara-Papatoetoe
  • Shirley Road, 21 Shirley Road, Papatoetoe, Ōtara-Papatoetoe
  • Old Papatoetoe Mall and Hall Grounds (Exeloo), 23 Wallace Road, Papatoetoe, Ōtara-Papatoetoe
  • Hayman Park (kiosk and toilet building, Davis Ave), 57R Wiri Station Road, Wiri, Ōtara-Papatoetoe
  • Manukau Memorial Gardens, 361 Puhinui Road, Papatoetoe, Ōtara-Papatoetoe
  • Manukau Memorial Gardens (west toilet block), 403 Puhinui Road, Papatoetoe, Ōtara-Papatoetoe
  • Drury Domain, 214-230 Great South Road, Drury, Papakura
  • Central Park Reserve, 57 Wood Street, Papakura, Papakura
  • Roseland Toilets, 11R O'Shannessey Street, Papakura, Papakura
  • Ray Small Park, 31 Ray Small Drive, Papakura, Papakura
  • Sunkist Bay Reserve, 52R First View Avenue, Beachlands, Franklin
  • Jack Lachlan Drive Esplanade Reserve (west end of main car park), 230R Jack Lachlan Drive, Beachlands, Franklin
  • Waiomanu Reserve (aka Magazine Bay), Waiomanu Reserve opposite wharf, 15R, Maraetai Coast Road, Clevedon, Franklin
  • Ōmana Esplanade, Craigs Beach, 26R Ōmana Esplanade, Maraetai, Franklin
  • Maraetai Park, 194, Maraetai Drive, Maraetai, Franklin
  • Karioitahi Reserve, 685, Karioitahi Road, Otaua, Franklin
  • Te Toro Recreation Reserve (top of reserve), Te Toro Road, Pollok, Franklin
  • Constable Road toilet, Constable Road, Waiuku, Franklin
  • Waharau Regional Park, Karewa Avenue toilet and change block, 1748 East Coast Road, Whakatiwai, Franklin
  • Matakawau Recreation Reserve, 2610 Awhitu Road, Awhitu, Franklin
  • Hamiltons Gap (Waimatuku) car park, West Coast Road, Awhitu, Franklin
  • Beachlands Domain (northern change room block), 35R Beachlands Road, Beachlands, Franklin
  • Shelly Bay Reserve, 1R Pohutukawa Road, Beachlands, Franklin
  • Clarks Beach Reserve and golf club, Stevenson Road, Clarks Beach, Franklin
  • Kawakawa Coast Rd Reserve, boat ramp toilet and change room, 39R Kawakawa Bay Coast Road, Clevedon, Franklin
  • Clevedon Showgrounds Reserve, A&P toilet and change room block, 73R Monument Road, Clevedon, Franklin
  • Clevedon Showgrounds Reserve, Clevedon Pony Club toilet, 107 Monument Road, Clevedon, Franklin
  • Clevedon Community Centre Grounds, Clevedon Town Centre toilet block, 4 North Road, Clevedon, Franklin
  • Waiti Bay Reserve, Cashmore Bay toilet, 182 Kawakawa Bay Coast Road, Clevedon, Franklin
  • Grahams Beach Road Reserve, Grahams Beach Road, Grahams Beach, Franklin
  • Hunua Hall (tennis and netball courts), 2316 Hunua Road, Hunua, Franklin
  • Karaka Sports Park (Karaka Sportsground south-west corner), Linwood Road, Karaka, Franklin
  • Orere Point Beach Reserve, 29R Howard Road, Orere Point, Franklin
  • Colin Lawrie Fields (fields and rugby club), 47 Reynolds Road, Pukekohe, Franklin
  • Puni Recreation Reserve, Attwells Road, Pukekohe, Franklin
  • Puni Recreation Reserve (reserve and rugby club), Attwells Road, Pukekohe, Franklin
  • Rosa Birch Park, 2 Puni Road, Pukekohe, Franklin
  • Waiau Beach Reserve boat ramp, Wharf Road, Waiau Beach, Franklin
  • Massey Park, 2 Belgium Street, Waiuku, Franklin
  • Centennial Park, 20 Kitchener Road, Waiuku, Franklin.
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