Dragon Bonsai Day

25 485X365

Embark on a journey at the Dragon Bonsai Day, a unique blend of ancient art and Lunar New Year festivities. Celebrate the Year of the Dragon with a breathtaking display of dragon-themed bonsai trees, each representing the dragon's spirit and strength.

Immerse yourself in a tranquil bonsai garden, a haven where culture and horticulture intertwine. Delve into the world of bonsai with workshops where you'll learn the art's fundamental principles and discover its cultural significance. Connect with bonsai experts and enthusiasts, and lose yourself in the hands-on workshops, accompanied by the melodies of traditional music.

This event is more than an exhibition; it's a cultural voyage, linking nature, art, and heritage. Join us as we honour the rich legacy of the Lunar New Year and celebrate the boundless creativity and artistic diversity it inspires.

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