Tango Evolution - Music & Dance: Sunday Concert Series

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In its ongoing commitment to support and provide opportunities for live performance, The Arts House Trust is proud to present the Sunday Concert Series 2024 - an eclectic array of musicians and musical genres showcasing local performers.

Emotions and special magical feelings occur when two dancers join together with musicians to experience the evolving life of Tango. The experience is felt by dancers and musicians alike including spectators as the music is transformed into dynamic movements both in sync and sympathetic to the rhythms, breath-holding pauses of…Tango

The evolution of Argentine Tango from 1880 to the present day, coupled with the influence of renowned composers, has solidified Tango as a timeless and captivating art form that continues to captivate audiences around the world. Join with Dance Pasion as they take you through this Tango journey

Let us embrace the Tango evolution and experience the magic…

New Zealand professional Argentine Tango couple John Flower and Natallia Ramanchuk have been performing and teaching Tango together since 2019 including performances at the fabulous Napier Art Deco Festival, Latin Fiestas, Mission Estate, and recently performed with AOTango at the Auckland Museum. Natallia and John recently returned from continuing their training with Tango masters in Buenos Aires.

Natallia Ramanchuk and John Flower are joined by accomplished musicians Karl Benton, Ricky de Medeiros and Sergei Gulyaev to present a journey through the magical evolution of Tango.

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