Waitematā Local Board launches Low Carbon Action Plan

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Last Updated : 18 Oct 2016
Low Carbon launch 3
Guests on a tour of the solar pannels on the Auckland War Memorial Museum Roof
Low Carbon Launch 1
Vernon Tava, John Glen, Shale Chambers, Deborah Yates, Les Flemming, Rob Thomas, Pippa Coom, Christopher Dempsey
Low Carbon Launch 2
Councillor Mike Walker, Member Deborah Yates, Chair Shale Chambers
Low Carbon Launch 4
Guests on tour of the solar pannels on the roof of Auckland War Memorial Museum.

Contributors, supporters, members of the Waitematā Local Board and guests officially launched the Low Carbon Community Action Plan on 5 November 2015.

The Auckland War Memorial Museum was generous enough to host the event. As Les Flemming and John Glen of the museum proved during their speech and tour of the building's rooftop solar panels, there could not have been a more appropriate location.  The Museum is an excellent example of what can be achieved when a low carbon focus is given priority by an organisation.

In recent times the building has:

  • reduced its carbon footprint but 50%
  • only 10% of waste goes into landfill
  • power used is almost completely generated from solar energy.

Waitematā is the first local board to create a localised carbon reduction plan which supports the region’s 10-year Energy Resilience and Low Carbon Action Plan.

The plan provides a guide on how, from a local level, greenhouse emissions can be reduced through efficient energy use in both new and older buildings, smart reuse of waste products, sustainable transport options, local food production and enhancing tree coverage.

“This plan is a positive step towards the region’s transformation to an energy-resilient low carbon city,” says Deborah Yates, Waitematā Local Board member leading this project.

During the event the local board also launched a Low Carbon Community Network. This will be a collective of individuals and groups interested in and/or having expertise in reducing carbon - who will share knowledge, skills and ideas.

Download the plan here

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