Auckland Council graduates find success

Last Updated : 30 Mar 2016
Auckland Council graduates find success (1)
From left: Auckland Council graduates Jina Hong, Sze-Ning Ooi, Liz Allen, Iskra Trenceva, Robert Nairn, Odyssey Posimani, Savvy Bhatnagar, Faith Khumalo, Christina Hibbard, Amy Bonham, Milo Quizora, Charlie Wang and Oliver Knight.

Two years ago 17 excited graduates started their journeys on Auckland Council's first graduate programme.

They joined teams across Auckland Council, including the Information Services department, Arts, Community and Events and the Chief Planning Office.

Fifteen of our graduates are continuing their careers at Auckland Council, a fantastic result for the graduate programme.

Leadership, working together important

At a presentation in March, the graduates shared some of the insights they’d gained from the programme.

Here's some of what they shared: 

  • They are passionate about working hard and contributing to creating the world's most liveable city.
  • They emphasised the importance of teams working together, and also mentioned their unique position as a bridge between different teams.
  • They saw leadership capability as important in creating a high-performing organisation.

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In 2015 Auckland Council was voted most desired central or local government employer in a survey of almost 1300 university students in the Talent Solutions Student Pulse Survey. 

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