Matakana Valley Road now sealed

Publish Date : 29 Mar 2016
Matakan Valley Road now sealed
Councillor Penny Webster says it is a great relief to see Rodney's roads getting the attention they deserve.

Councillor Penny Webster on the sealing of Matakana Valley Road.

"Auckland Transport recently finished the sealing of Matakana Valley Road. This has been long awaited and I have been actively lobbying to ensure the sealing is completed.

The decision to seal Rodney’s long-neglected roads was confirmed by last year’s Long-term Plan. Auckland Transport had identified it as the number one priority sealing project.

There are 646 roads which need sealing, most of which are in Rodney. A commitment of $10 million has been made for road sealing over the next three years.

An estimated 78 per cent of Rodney’s roads are unsealed, creating safety risks and excessive dust. This would only increase as more traffic comes into the area.

As the primary road connecting the Whangaripo and Pakiri communities with Matakana and Warkworth, it is absolutely essential that this road be maintained to a high standard.

Every summer we see visitors and are expecting to see notable residential growth in the coming years. It is a great relief to see these roads finally getting the investment they need and I thank the community and Auckland Transport for their ongoing work in this area."

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