Watching grass grow in Aotea Square

Publish Date : 22 Apr 2016
Watching grass grow
Before new Ready Lawn is laid on Aotea Square the area is being laser-levelled to ensure it is in top shape.

Visitors to Aotea Square may have noticed something missing from the area over the past week.

Greener on the other side

The grass in the square has been removed and is set to be replaced with Ready Lawn after the surface has been restored and levelled.

Ready Lawn is turf that already has mature grass, meaning that it does not require a lengthy period of setting in.

Seeds of change

Auckland Council’s Sports Parks Maintenance Coordinator, Phil Gedge, says that replacing the grass with Ready Lawn will cause less disruption than laying new grass seed.

“The Ready Lawn will be rolled out from the week starting 25 April and the lawns will reopen to the public from late May,” he says. “If we were to lay new grass seed the area would have to be closed for at least eight weeks, so this option allows people to enjoy Aotea Square again as soon as possible.”

Turning over a new leaf

The lawns in Aotea Square are heavily used by the public, especially over the summer months, and have not been fully restored for several years. 

They are currently being laser-levelled to ensure they are in top condition before the new turf is laid.

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