Have you tried the piano stairs?

Publish Date : 27 May 2016
Have you tried the piano steps.jpg

Aotea Square has been filled with music recently as piano stairs were installed on the steps of the Aotea Centre.

Auckland Live and Auckland Design Office commissioned Remo Saraceni, the original creator of the Piano Stairs, to do the installation.

A version of his stairs appeared in the 1988 Tom Hanks movie Big. The 'Big Piano', as the design is known, has toured all over the world, however this is the first time that a purpose-built, custom-fit walking piano has been installed in a public area in New Zealand.

Piano Stairs Aotea is part of an ongoing conversation with Auckland on how we can improve the city’s urban environments for the diverse communities that live, work and play here – these include workers, students, families, tourists and people attending shows and events. 

The piano stairs will be up until at least 8 June.

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