Metering signals at Pigeon Mountain Road in Half Moon Bay

Last Updated : 30 May 2016
Metering signals at Pigeon Mountain Road in Half Moon Bay

Howick Local Board and Auckland Transport (AT) will soon install metering signals on Pigeon Mountain Road in Half Moon Bay.

Metering signals will be installed on Pigeon Mountain Road to create breaks in the southbound traffic departing the ferry pier. These breaks in traffic flows will allow vehicles to safely turn into and out of local roads from Pigeon Mountain Road.

AT investigated the possibility of signalising the Pigeon Mountain Road/Prince Regent Drive/Sunderlands Road intersection. However, as the intersection is on a steep hill this would be very inefficient for vehicles towing boats, trucks and buses, and installing signals at this location would likely increase the risk of crashes. It was therefore necessary to look at other innovative options to address the problem.

Howick Local Board, Chair David Collings says that the Local Board has listened to feedback from the community which has shown support for installing metering signals. “On weekdays, between 4 and 6 pm, it becomes very difficult for local residents who want to get into and out of Argo Drive, Prince Regent Drive and Sunderlands Road. You could be waiting for quite some time for a break to get into or out of any of these local roads.

“We’ve taken on board results from a public consultation last year which showed strong local support to install metered signals. They will only be triggered by long queues turning right from Sunderlands Road onto Pigeon Mountain Road or turning right from Pigeon Mountain Road onto either Sunderlands Road or Argo Drive.”

A total of 15 car parking spots will be permanently removed from Pigeon Mountain Road outside the Stand Children’s Village to install the signals with a clearway to operate on weekday afternoons opposite the Stand between the hours of 4pm and 6:30pm.

Auckland Transport’s Group Manager Roading, Andrew Scoggins says the metering signals project is just one of a number that the transport agency is working on in Half Moon Bay.
“Auckland Transport, the Howick Local Board and the NZ Transport Agency are partnering to construct the new ferry pier at Half Moon Bay. AT and the local board are also working together to improve pedestrian and cycling facilities between the Half Moon Bay marina and the boat ramp which will provide an improved link along the waterfront and connect to other pathways in the area.”

Construction work on the metering signals has started and is expected to be in operation by the end of July.

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