10,000 trips on Quay Street cycleway in less than three weeks

Last Updated : 29 Jul 2016
10,000 trips down Quay Street 3

More than 10,000 cycle trips have been made on the Quay Street cycleway since it opened almost three weeks ago.

It’s the first cycleway in Auckland to have an electronic counter showing the number of users.

Auckland Transport Cycling and Walking manager Kathryn King says the counter clicked over 10,000 trips early on the morning of 27 July.

500 trips a day

"An average of 500 trips a in winter is a pretty good start," she said.

And the number of users will only increase when the cycleway connects with the Nelson Street Cycleway.

"Cycleways always take a bit of time to bed in as more people realise they’re open and start using them,” says Ms King.

The 'network effect'

“Also, we’re starting to see a network effect as the cycleways become more connected, making it easier to cycle into and around the city centre.”

"The big number of people cycling on the pink Lightpath has led to a 400 per cent increase on the Nelson Street Cycleway. Having a protected cycleway like this is good for everyone as it means there is more space on the promenade for people to walk and enjoy the harbour views."

City-centre cycle loop

Quay Street Cycleway runs from Princes Street to Plumer Street. It is protected from traffic by concrete separators and planter boxes.

It is part of the city centre cycle loop, which includes Beach Road Cycleway, Grafton Gully Cycleway, the Lightpath and the Nelson Street Cycleway.

The number of people cycling into the city centre has doubled over the past three years.

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