Aucklanders get on their bikes

Publish Date : 04 Jul 2016
Aucklanders get on their bikes
Auckland Transport is launching a new cycleway map, along with many other improvements that will make cycling in Auckland safer, more accessible and more fun.

A new transport map is set to become as recognisable to Aucklanders as the Tube map is to Londoners.

"Auckland’s cycle network map will be a tool to help Aucklanders plan their journeys and illustrates how we’re improving travel choice to the city," says Kathryn King, Auckland Transport, Cycling and Walking Manager.

“Today we have launched our campaign with a video clip of people riding on Auckland’s cycleways. The objective is to let Aucklanders know about the city’s fantastic new and proposed cycle routes. Working with the government and other partners, we are building 52km of new cycleways by the end of 2018.”

“The pink Lightpath has proved hugely popular and we’ve seen big growth in the number of people cycling into the city."

"People are switching to cycling as a mode of transport because it provides them certainty of travel time, it saves them money, and it’s a great form of exercise."

“We are opening Quay Street Cycleway on 8 July and later in the year we will be opening cycle routes in Mt Roskill and Māngere. In the coming months we will be seeking feedback from the public on a number of cycle projects including improvements on Ian McKinnon Drive, Great North Road and Karangahape Road.”

Transforming the cycle network

“Local research tells us that a large number of Aucklanders would commute into the city by bike if there were more protected cycleways. This programme of improvements will be transformational for Auckland’s transport network,” she says.

Auckland Transport, Auckland Council, and the government through NZ Transport Agency are working on a $200 million programme of cycle improvements in Auckland that is due to be finished by the end of 2018. Significant funding has come from Urban Cycleways Programme, a partnership between local and central government to accelerate key cycle projects throughout the country.

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