The story behind a well-known sculpture

Publish Date : 27 Jul 2016

Long-time Aucklanders will remember the large red granite sculpture that stood for many years outside the city's art gallery. But perhaps many don’t know the story behind the creation of 'Opened Stone'. 

The work, by late Japanese sculptor Hiroaki Ueda, has recently been returned to public view in a stunning spot with panoramic harbour views in Manukau Domain, Lynfield.

In this video, Bronwen Muir explains that the artist travelled here as part of the 1971 International Sculpture Symposium celebrating Auckland’s centenary. 

Muir, who assisted Ueda while he was in New Zealand, acknowledged the role artist and educator Jim Allen played in organising the event and the legacy it left on the face of the city. 

Three other works created at the time are also still on display: Michio Ihara’s 'Wind Tree' (Wynyard Quarter), 'Homage to Will' by Fred Loopstra (Victoria Park) and Helen Escobedo’s 'Signals' (Fred Ambler Lookout, Parnell).

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